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I'm now back home, which is good I guess. I dunno. It means I can pester people and write so that's good. But I've got no drink and people that were meant to send The Blank Theory fucked up so I've not got that.

Last night was spent not doing much really. We went on Lego Star Wars (which we've done the basic game of), went on Spiderman, then watched Are You Scared and Summer Fling. Something about the Irish accent bothers me. Least it wasn't too strong though. Are You Scared could've been so much better if it wasn't a blatent Saw rip off at times.

I slept pretty much on and off the whole trip up here, though I'm still tired.

The Job Center have decided I need an interview thing tomorrow. Bah. So stupid, why can't they leave me alone? You're not meant to get interviews when the account is reset. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. If it does I'll probably be more moody with them then I am anyway.


Wednesday's Taste of Chaos, though I wish it was Thursday instead so I'd have my own money. Mum's got stupid tickets for Chester on Saturday even though we'd agreed going to Birmingham would be better. I know she needs to be out that day, we both need to be far from here. But Chester means being up early and bah, being on a coach for ages with old people.


I was gonna stay and write/pester people, but I wanna lay down so I'll do that, find drink and be on later. Fic posted tonight methinks.
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