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So here we are

Today was the concert. We went at sometime after 3 and got there near 5.

We got Kerrang on the way. I've been to three of the 100 gigs. The Madina one got to 74. Yay! I still want next week's issue. Cd and Bulletness. Woo!

The 02 Arena is all kinds of awesome. It's not like a normal arena. There's resturants, bars, shops, an ice rink, even a cinema and the Tutankhamun exhibit. I guess they had to use the dome's space for something. (For those that don't know the 02 Arena was once the Millenium Dome a project built for the Millenium. It kinda was a bit of disaster money wise though, even though it was cool and I wanted to go but never got the chance. Now 02 have bought it and converted it into the Arena.)

So we each got a badge pack and tee, then explored and joined the queue.

The arena itself is massive. Room for 20000 people, pretty much all of them there just before MCR came on, it was all like a sea of faces.

Before we get to MCR now, there's Mindless Self Indulgence. Ugh, they were terrible. The drummer seemed to play the same thing, the singer was so fucking arrogant and full of himself it was insane, the guitarist mock slit his wrists and bassist is just a whore. Yeah, I know I know her name, we all do, but she's a fairly talentless whore. And not in the good way like Ryan or Gerard. Why did you have to pick her of all people as a sham wife Gerard? Were you high that day? Mikey could wipe the floor with her any day.

I rant a little.

Anyway, MCR came on and they were amazing. Despite not having Bob and it being the first gig I've been to where a band member's been absent (I guess I was luck to have a run this long though). Reasons why they were amazing?
*Worm slappped Gerard's ass (babu saw this, I didn't cause I was looking the wrong way)
*Ray's semi-constant grinning
*Gerard's permenant gayness, hip swaying and all
*Gerard hugging Worm
*Gerard putting his hand on Mikey's head and pushing it down while gripping his hair
*Mikey being back and Gerard making a big deal of it, even going as far as letting Mikey talk (though no one, even Gerard could understand what he said but Gerard speculated it was something about Darth Vader or wrestling)
*Gerard saying something about sucking everyone off
*Gerard groping Mikey's chest (YES THE WAYCEST IS BACK!)
*Them playing Honey and Desert Song, neither of which I've heard live (plus the new song) Surprisingly, Desert Song was an accoustic, with Ray sitting on a chair and everything. I'd still like to hear Vampires live though.
*Mikey and Ray both didn't move too much. Ray got hardly any slashiness, though Gerard did sing right in front of both of them
*Gerard's crying at the end of Mama became orgasmic
*I didn't pay much attention to Matt, but that's cause I'm used to not paying attention to Frankie
*Crazy!Gerard is crazy
*They didn't play Ghost Of You (though that's a slight minus)
*Cancer still made me cry. I think it always will. I was wanting to cry more, but sweating meant I couldn't.

MCR always play the best live shows. Gerard's amazing. He's never let being a frontman go to his head or become arrogant, he's still a good person. Yesterday he seemed so... normal, just standing there and chewing gum. I guess that'll always be surreal. Even tonight I kept thinking 'I've met that crazy guy... and he didn't seem that crazy'.

We had sushi on the way out, after meeting Clare. yay! I felt bad we'd missed her earlier so I had to pester.

And now we're back home. I've read some fic and shall read more now. I'll watch the reapeat of The Mighty Boosh in an hour. (For those of you who don't know what that is it's a very surreal comedy with the gorgeous Noel Fielding).

Fic writing tomorrow, before Children In Need where I'll be lost for a hours. (For those that don't know, Children In Need is a charity thing BBC1 does for a night and it has music and stuff. This year there's Doctor Who, Kylie and Captain Jack singing so yay!). I feel like informing people of our strange British things, is that odd?
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