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My pens have turned to inkcicles!

Today's been a weird day. Mostly cause I was up at 7am, which I haven't been in ages. We were at the station for half past and got to Forbidden Planet for 9. Fuck, there was already a massive queue at that time. How exactly I'm not sure, but it was mostly annoying teenage girls and we were stuck with them for five hours. In the freezing cold. With nothing to eat or drink. Worse, causa the cold, my voice sounded shit to me and it seemed like I was always speaking quiet. Thankfully tis normal now.

We did meet Gerard though and gave him the card. Well, babu did. He thought it was sweet. Twas very surreal. He asked how I was, so I asked him back. He was great. He was chewing gum. And wearing the usual outfit he wears for these signings. Worm was there too, which was oddly cool. Apparently Mikey was there too, but he was gone when we got there.

Then we went to Zaavi (which is the new Vigin, wtf?) and I got 2 Hearts and The White One Is Evil, cause I'm cool like that. Then we had Mcdonalds. Yay!

And that's when we came home. Not terribly exciting, but it is awesome that we met him and I still can't quite believe it. 1 down, 3 to go.

I didn't get Kerrang today (I got Attitude instead, yay Kylie and gays < 3) cause I thought it was a bit eh. Next week's looks so much better. It has a Bullet poster (with Jay looking all cute) and a cd with a preview song of the new album. Woo! Also babu looked through another magazine and it had a picture of them... Jay looks so the odd one out.

I read the Umbrella Academy the other night and I like it, despite of (or because of) it's dementedness. I wannna get the 3rd one as soon as it's out. Sadly I can't justify a trip to a comic book store till the 3rd when I get Deathdcar. Le sigh. I hope they do more then just this 6 part thing. I think they will.

While we were out Monday I listened to Cancer for the first time since the end of May. Always when I had music on, I'd skip it as soon as I heard the intro but I know they'll probably play it, so I had to listen. It made me cry. I still think I'll hardly listen to it, but at least I know I can now.

Tonight'll be spent watching Heroes, while tomorrow will be at MCR, with us pestering Clare when we get there (I'm sure when that is now though, as babu's dad's taking us). I hope it'll be 3/4ish.

I might try and write too, cuase I feel sorta useless when I don't. It's just babu's mp3 player is awol and that's what has the two saved fics on.
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