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A city in the clouds

You know something I'm sick of? People who claim to be fans of bands who instantly whine when something goes wrong. Ok so Bob's off the tour (and yes, that makes me sad, but the it'd hurt the poor guy to play) and Frankie's got personal issues (which could mean anything from a family member being sick to someone he knows dying). I can't stand though how everyone's complaining about it. Especially when most of the comments are about how they don't want to go now/they should postpone the tour. You know something? They might have actually done that if it wasn't both short notice and all the shit that happened causa Maine.

Why do most of the MCR fandom have to be immature idiots with no brains?


Anyway, yesterday was good. We ended up going to see 30 Days Of Night, which was pretty good. Cept it made me feel colder causa the snow. Cinema shoulda been more heated. Eben did his brother. We came back, had a pizza and I laid in bed cause my back was hurting again. Stupid thing it is.

Hiro's so adorable in Scrubs. Especially when he sings

I haven't had time to do any writing today like I was gonna. We went to town, but there's still no money in my account. Stupid Job Center. I hate how it probably won't be in until next Thursday, especially cause I need it Wednesday for Taste Of Chaos.

Tomorrow's going to see Gerard at Forbidden Planet, which means being up early. Joy. Then the gig's Thursday and Friday shall be spent sleeping till Children In Need.

Need to find that translation site I use at some point.

I'm gonna read fastbetty31's fic now.
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