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That hideous facade

So I haven't done a lot of what I was gonna do today. Mostly cause I didn't wake properly till 3. I did find the i-pod though, so yay.

I was meant to pack but I'll do that later/in the morning. I was also gonna sort out the dvds that need putting back on the shelf (which I'll sort later). Also was gonna write, but no comments till tonight made me not do it all day. Meh. I'd probably have finished two fics if I'd done it.

I'll chuck em on device and see if I'll find time to work on them while I'm gone.

The Kylie Show was made of all kinds of awesome though. She's so brilliant. And she punched Simon Cowell in the face. And swore. Oh that was funny. I really want her to work with MCR, that'd be the best thing ever.

This next week's gonna be really busy.

Sunday: Go down south, do stuff with babu's family (I think it's a meal of something)
Monday: Babu's birthday
Wednesday: Forbidden Planet signing
Thursday: MCR
Friday: Babu getting Lego Star Wars, us playing it for the remainder of the week ensues
Saturday: See above
Sunday: Coming home
Monday: Dropping stupid form at Job Center
Wednesday: Taste of Chaos Birmingham < 3

Sigh, so busy. And probably not having any money or anything. Bah.

Mum's still thinking of having nan back. I've told here again not to until the lump's removed and flu season's over. I'd be terrified though if she died here while I was here or in the night or something.
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