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5 Dreams Part 3

5 Dreams
Pairing: Ray Toro/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone, mentions of others
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Death, rough sex
Notes: The main inspiration for this was the Buffy episode Restless (which is all kinds of awesome). I had the idea for this part yesterday, I dunno how it came to me but I just had to write it, so here it is. It's longer then part 1 was, also there's a hidden lyric. (The Support Act sequel shall probably be next
Dedications: bloodyhands, the_glory_days, antontobias86, fastbetty31
1: Mikey
2: Bob

3: Ray

I reclined in my chair, watching everyone around us. Every couple of nights, me and Worm would get together in the nearest, cheapest bar and have a few drinks. No one else knew about this. We'd spend the night talking, getting drunk, sometimes oggling younger, prettier boys. Most nights we staggered out together, but on occassion one of those boys would be staring back and come home with us.

It was a strange relationship, to be sure.

Right now, Worm was rambling about how the sky would look much better if it was lilac and if the clouds were silver. He'd say such strange things, I often asked if he was high. His hands was always the same. "By the way Ray, remember the whte one is evil." He gulped down more of his beer, then looked around the room. He was such a strange man. "Seen any guy you like in particular tonight?"

I scanned the prospects. Everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion so it was easy to pick certain people out. "What about him?" I nodded to a large man with dark skin sitting at the bar. There was something that drew me to him, despite the slight facial hair and the swept back ponytail.

Worm shook his head slowly, clearly not liking my choice. "How about the one of there, with the hat?"

I turned to where he was incicating, seeing a clearly familiar figure sitting in a corner, looking bored. His long hair seemed to pour from under the black hat he was wearing and his gaze seemed to be focussed on the dancefloor. "Worm, that's Patrick Stump."


"I think he has a boyfriend." I said that, though I wasn't sure who said boyfriend was. I'd have to check with Bob on that one, he was still friends with Patrick. Part of me wanted to sayy he was with Pete, but another thought it was Ryan, or that ridicously hip-boned Beckett.

"Oh. I'd still hit that ass though."

"Me too, but we should probably look for a more... available guy." I took another glance around the room, this time paying closer attention to the dancefloor. That was when my eyes found a pair of body's, that seemed to be going at normal speed compared to the others. I stared at them, their hips grinding against each other and their waists swaying to the music. My gazed moved up to their heads and I gasped slightly. They were twins, fucking near identical twins. The only really visible difference was the hair and waistline. One was had blonde hair and the other was slightly thinner with a strip in his blonde locks. "How about the twins." If he said no I'd go for them alone. I'd already got images of what I'd do with them. I licked my lips lightly, awaiting his response.

He looked at them for a moment, a moment was all he needed. "Fuck, yeah."

I smiled, standing up from our table and heading through the crowd to them. The dancefloor seemed to empty out the closer we got to them. I moved behind the striped one and pressed my body against him, whispering in his ear softly. "Hey beautiful, would you and your twin like to come home with us?"

The boy purred and pressed his ass back against my crotch. "Mmm, we've been waiting all night for you to say that haven't we Nathan?" I noticed his broother nod slightly, his blue eyes glinting slightly. They reminded me of Bob's, but the blue seemed to be more vivid. "How about you come to our place instead."

"We only live around the block." Nathan looked right at me, before leaning forward to kiss his twin lightly. "It would be so much easier for all of us if we just went there."

I glanced at Worm, though it was clear he'd follow my lead. He wouldn't really care if we fucked in a hotel room, the tour bus or in the toilets of this place. We'd done all three in our time. "Alright."

Nathan disentangled himself from his twin, taking his ahnd and leading us both through the crowds that had reasserted themselves. Worm was grinning like a lunatic who'd just won the lottery. I shook my head slightly at his reaction, but it didn't really surprise me. "So, what are your names?"

"Well, I'm Nathan." The blonde spoke first, swaying his hips slightly as he spoke. "And this is my brother, Matthew. You're Ray aren't you, with that band My Chemical Romance?"

I nodded with a slight smirk. It was always easier to bed boys who were fans. Often they'd just offer themselves with minimal to no effort on my part. "Yeah I am, I'm one of the guitarists. This is Worm, he's our bodyguard."

Matthew turned and grinned at us both, obviously impressed. Tonight would be so amazing and so easy. "Cool!" He gestured to a doo in front of him as Nathan started unlocking it. "Here we are." We were there already? I hadn't even registered leaving the bar, let alone wandering around outside. Nathan opened the door and Matthew waited for us both to go inside before joining us.

Their place seemed nice enough, although there was a scent of meat cooking which I thought was odd since they'd been out and there was no sign of anyone else being here. "Are you guys hungry?" Nathan asked as he entered the kitchen to check on whatever he was cooking. "It's a sorta steak."

"We got it fresh." Matthew smirked at us, though I wasn't sure why. Maybe that meant something to them but I didn't get it.

"Sure, we'll have some." I couldn't really speak for Worm, but I knew he'd do anything for a pretty boy.

"Brilliant, there's easily enough for the four of us." Matthew grinned, pulling up his t-shirt slowly to expose his stomach. "We weren't sure what we were going to do with it, but now you're here it works out."

I sat down on the black leather coach, pulling Worm to sit beside me. He leaned in close to whisper in my ear, his eyes on Matthew's topless body. "This is so amazing, best night ever."

I smiled and kissed his cheek quickly, whispering back to him. "Fuck yeah."

Nathan came back in, his t-shirt discarded too. He was carrying the meat he'd been cooking on a large plate, which he set on the table in front of us. It looked strange, clearly some form of a roast rather then a steak as he'd said earlier. I didn't recognise what it was though. It didn't look like any sort of bird or animal I'd eaten before. It was basically a large oval, slightly bigger then a turkey. Matthew went in the kitchen, leaving us with Nathan. His hands trailed over his bare chest. "So, what do you think?"

"It's very unusual looking." Worm spoke up, while Matthew returned with knives and forks for us all.

"Yeah. It was killed near a lake not far from here." Again Matthew smirked at his twin, which creeped me out slightly. Worm didn't seem to notice as he started tucking into the meal. The twins sat cross legged on the other side of the table, starting to dine as well. I leaned forward, slicing off a sliver of it and skewering it with the fork, bringing it up to my lips. I bit into it nervously and chewed curiously to try and define what it was I was eating. I still had no idea what it was, all I knew was that it tasted amazing. Soon I was gorging myself on the tender meat like I hadn't eaten in weeks. The twins were watching us intently, eating their side at a much slower pace. I looked into the carcass curiously, tipping my head at something. An arrowhead. Weren't you meant to remove such things from a kill.

Matthew seemed to notice my stare as he lifted the remains of dinner away with a smile. He returned it to the kitchen, while Nathan came towards us, climbing onto Worm's lap. He looped his arms around his neck, grinding his ass against Worm's crotch. When Matthew returned, he took a similar position but on my lap. He wiggled agaiinst me, before leaning to his twin and whispering in his ear. Moments later he was standing and dragging Worm away to what I assumed was the bedrooms. I struggled slightly under Matthew, but he kissed my neck. "I wanted to be alone witth you." He pulled my t-shirt off me, licking his lips lightly as my chest was exposed. "Fuck you're gorgeous." He bent down, lapping at my skin, making me groan softly in pleasure. It always amazed me that pretty boys like him would willingly give themselves to me. He slide down to his knees, undoing my pants and pulling them down, gasping softly at my erection. He lapped at my sweaty balls lightly, making me groan his name. At the corner of my eye I saw a now naked Nathan return to the room, his tongue lapping at his lips.

"Where is he brother?" Matthew asked from my crotch, his tongue tracing over a vein of my shaft slowly.

"Sleeping. I think he ate too much." There was something about the way he said sleeping that troubled me, but Matthew's lips wrapped around my head disolved all my concerns. Nathan came towards us, setting something on the table before sitting on the couch beside me and planting kisses over my neck. His teeth lightly nipped at my skin and he purred against me. "I'm glad you're not too tired. My twin's renowned for giving amazing head." He reached between my legs, pushing his fingertips between my crack. His digits found my hole and easily slide inside me. Too easily, especially since I'd not been fuck since... well, since The Warped Tour. Never again did I get hammered on The Used's bus. "I'll give you a nice, hard fuck instead."

Upon hearing those words Matthew climbed onto the couch the other side of mme, not once breaking contact between his lips and my cock. That was some skill. He bobbed his head up and down, stroking my chest with one hand. I watched as Nathan moved between my legs, aiming his erection for my quivering hole. He slammed his shaft inside me, making my whole body arch up. Strangely it didn't hurt, even a little. Maybe I was high, or maybe it was just the booze. "You feel so good Ray, so good and tight." Nathan trailed his fingers through his twin's hair, slowly thrusting in and out of me. I could feel myself tear and bleed but there was still no pain. "Remind me, why haven't we done this with the others?"

"Others?" I asked, groaning softly in pleasure, pushing agianst him. I was only half registering what he was saying.

"Your other bandmates of course." Ah, so it was a groupie thing was it. I could always tell them I could get them on the tour bus with us, I'm sure the others would love these too. The incest may even make Mikey less posessive over his big brother.

"Oh..." I purred as Matthew removed himself, stroking my length as he turned to his brother to speak to him.

"We had a choice which one we would really be with, remember dear brother." He extended my tongue over my ample cock head. "I don't regret the decision. The other one was too scrawny and the one had the lake was too involved with that dirty slut. No, Ray here's perfect. The right choice." Matthew engulfed my cock down to my balls again, making me groan again.

"What does he mean?" I could barely control my speech as he hit my spot.

"He means which of the five of you we'd fuck, we choose you." I couldn't help but feel a surge of pride at that. These two beauty's picked me over Mikey. It made me even harder. "Mikey and Bob have already been taken care off." There was that smirk again and he slammed himself even deeper within me.. "Though at least you had a chance to taste poor Bobby."

"Wh... what do you mean by that?"

Nathan chuckled, shaking his head slowly. "You haven't got it have you? Well, I'll tell you when you fill Matthew's throat, before everything fade's to black for you."

He made sure to hit my prostate harder, his twin's lips tightenign around me, his tongue working double time on my length. I arched up into the air, shooting into Matthew's talented mouth, eagerly swallowing every drop of my fluid. I felt Nathan follow me seconds later. he pulled out, looking me over, for some reason my arms wouldn't move and neither would my legs. Matthew instantly moved to his brother's dick, cleansing it of his seed and my blood. Nathan pushed him away after just a few seconds and he looked me over. "Ok, I said I'd tell you what you wanted." He glanced at Matthew, that smirk appearing again. "Cut it."

Matthew picked up a knife off the table, but it was Nathan that held my attention when he spoke again. "Mikey and Bob are dead." I looked at him, completely disbelieving his words. "You dined on Bob's flesh." I felt something sharp against my balls, I felt like I was going to vomit. "And you loved it. You loved eating your bandmate's flesh." There was a sharp pain and I felt my balls slip away from me. What had they done to me? "Just like we loved eating him and like I loved slitting your friend's throat."

I loked at him, not really knowing what to say to him. There was another pain and I looked down, my cock was parted from my body, blood pouring from my open wound. Still I felt nothing. "Can we keep his pretty head? I'd love to run my fingers through his curls at night."

"Of course dear brother." He lifted Matthew up and kissed him hungrily. I wished I could get out of here, but my limbs still failed to respond. In fact, they looked like they would if they were broken. I tried to talk, but I was unable too. Just like moving.They parted from their kiss and Nathan got a second knife. "Before you die, you'll see what your insides look like." He rammed the blade into my gut, Matthew's joining it as they opened me up. Nathan's hand entered my chest and he pulled out my entrails, his teeth showing as he grinned. "Personally I think a boy looks quite beautiful with his intestines hanging out."

Matthew bought his knife to my neck while nathan bought my entrails for me to see. "We'll take good care of your corpse though Ray Toro." Matthew slit my throat, grinning beefore taking a saw bite of my raw flesh. "Mmmm so good. See, you should have listened to your friend in the bar."

The white one is evil. I saw it now, the white one was Nathan. The last think I saw were there kissing roughly, exchanging mouthfuls of my innards with each other. I never thought that such twisted people existed, now I'd died at the hands of them.
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