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I warned you, the white one is evil

Since I probably won't be able to get presents (or most of you ones anyway) I'll instead do fics as opposed to buying things, cause I lack the money. So, yeah. Just say basic things you want, like pairing and any kinks and I'll see what comes up.

Still no Frankie/Gerard or Ryan/Brendon though.

What have we been doing? Well, not much really. I'm about back to where I was in the Support Act sequel fic and I keep playing The White One Is Evil over and over. I also sorted out the dvds today and been on Pokemon.

This morning we were woke up by a crappy band playing loud outside. Ugh. It was hours before they stopped completely.

I'm writing more now.

I think we'll have pizza later. Yay!

Yay for Clare going with me to Bullet/Kerrang< 3

Edit: Finch have reformed! yay! *is dim and has forgot to add that to a few posts*
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