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A useless tough guy

Watching fireworks is strange. Hearing them can be annoying causa their loudness.

Today was spent outside at the stupid Job Center. Right bastards they are. Have to go back Wednesday for them. Bah. I hate them all.

Better was going to get food. Now we have pizza's and stuff, which is always good.

Thankfully we didn't miss Sarah Jane Adventures. Ickle Luke wasn't in it much though and next week's looks like he's going. Sob.

I got an idea for a fic with him last night and it wouldn't go away so I started it today. So now I've got that added to the to-do list. So either that or Support Act sequel will be done first.

My head's still dizzy at times and it sometimes fucks with my eyes so, that's a bitch still.

Mum saw the doctor today. Her lump's a fatty thing, which is good. It means it can be taken out in December fairly easily and that it's not the evil lump causing thing of doom.

I've lost my Umbrella Academy Free Comic Book Day issue. Damnit. I want Gerard to sign it. Although when I do go I'll probably just stare and mumble shyly. Or tackle him, whichever first.

Ray bestiality is hot.

Off to writing.
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