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It shattered when it fell

I feel much better today. Yesterday was horrible though. I'd get dizzy if I stood up and was just... ugh. Thankfully I wasn't sick and today the diziness/heat has gone. I'd say I'm 80/90% better now, which is good.

The only trouble is my legs are cold and I dunno where long, baggy trousers are and I don't want my fly digging into my tummy.

Ah the twins, could you be anymore gay? Only if you're like Dan and Jepha, admitting they've an anniversary soon. Ah the gayness, gayness is gooood.

Bob and Worm in a golfcart amuses me for some reason. Am I odd/ (Well, I know I'm odd but... I dunno what I'm saying so I'll shut up)

Watched Three Extremes 2 yestrday. The first one's better and I don't get why it's rated 18. The last one was the best, with the cute ickle kid.

I might try writing later, if I can overcome coldness. I would now but cold=bad.

Shall also try filling in that Kerrang poll too.

1.Who topped their first time, Pete or Patrick?
Patrick, I get this vibe that although he's all cute and cuddly, he'd fuck the shit outta Pete... and has.

2. If you could recast any movie with bandom what movie would it be and who would play what roles?
Star Wars! That'd be awesome (or Battle Royale, but I can't remember all the names, though the killing would be hot). Gerard would be Luke, Mikey'd be Leia, Bob would be Boba, Ray'd be Han, Jepha C-3P0. Erm... gah, stupid brain's going on me again.

3. Who writes bandslash under a secret LJ name? What is their livejournal username?
Pete, or Brendon. *not creative now*

4. What did Panic! think about FOB's Halloween costumes? Offer a general reaction or specific reactions for each member.
I think they'd be a bit shocked. And Ryan would be critical of Pete getting him wrong somehow.

5. Cobra Starship merchandise: tacky? or just tacky enough?
I dunno, I like the unicorns < 3


1. Did you dress up as a member of My Chem for Hallowe'en this year? If not, have you in the past? Pictures would be awesome!
Nopes and nopes. I don't really do much for halloween. I've only dressed up twice.

2. Did you see anyone dressed as one of the guys this year? Trick or treating, at a party etc...
Nopes, I stayed home.

3. If you could pick a Chem song to be in the end credits of any horror movie what would it be? (Keep in mind Helena and I Never Told You... were already both used in House of Wax)
Sleep mabe? I dunno, I think a lot of their songs could be plyed like that.

4. Frank has his birthday tattooed on his fingers and a giant lack-o-lantern on his back. Do you have anything special and close to you that you would consider getting tattooed?
I have a list of things to get tattooed, once I'm sure I can take it that is.

5. How was your Hallowe'en? :)
It was alright I suppose. Nothing special, no chocolate or going out for me.
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