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One more

Another icon, same lyrics as others. This time Enterprise.

Now some of my poetry, it's rather depressing.
First: Beyond
I love, but it all feels hollow,
Like a mirror without a reflection,
My life's nothing,
Beyond lost, beyond lonely,

Hope ceases to exist,
When blood flows from my wrist,
Falling like drops of red rain,
To be free of pain,

Life is empty and so,
Is worth nothing,
Everything in this life,
Is so lost beyond hope.

Secon: Hollow
Hollow eyes,
Filling with tears of blood,
Nothing makes sense,
Never had to before

Words can't decribe the pain,
Never felt like this before,
Cause the false angels,
Took the hope away

Rip my heart out,
Watch the blood fall,
Through your fingers,
To hit the floor

That's all for now.
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