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Top 10 fuckable characters/people

From disconight (In no particular order)
Duncan James (Blue) - Sex on legs. He has to be one of the hottestguys on the planet :D
Lee Ryan (Blue)-He's so cute, not very smart though.Then again if I had him he wouldn't speak at all(Maybe I should have made him and Duncan one entry...)
Andrew (Phixx) - (I can't spell his last name) He's cute, romantic and best of all he's gay! :D
Connor (ATS) - So tortured, he spends all his time fighting which isn't necessarily a bad thing. And the angst, oh god the angst!
Malcolm (Enterprise) - He's a tortured so that hides in his shell, I relate big time.
Andrew (BTVS/ATS) - Geeky, geeky, geeky! Plus he's so gay, it's unbelieveable! Did I mention geeky?
Anakin (Star Wars) - Angst, angst, angst. Plus he gets chained up which can only be a good thing
Trip (Enterprise) - He's well meaning, and yet he's ended up pregnant, running around topless and used for a Vulcan experiment.
Krycek (X-files) - Angst again. How could you not want him, even though he lost his arm?
Colin Farrell - So hot :P He's one of those guys that you just wanna lick all over
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