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This is halloween

Happy halloween everyone. It doesn't really feel like it here, due to a lack of pumpkin and I've no idea where my dress is. Bahhh.

I hate this move, it's just meant everything's gone missing. On the other hand I don't have to deal with the workmen which are still messing with stuff months after the move. Fools.

Watched Dead Silence last night, I thought twas awesome. I half realised the end minutes before it happened. Who wants to bet there's a sequel?

I'm gonna keep the poll open for a day or two. Not just cause I feel sorry for some people not getting a vote... honest.

We ended up getting an idea last night and my mind wants to fic it, so it's being done.

I had a dream last night. Twas of Jack and Ianto screwing pretty Luke (from the Sarah Jane Adventures). It's so wrong but so... not. Am I more twisted?

I hate the post. Where's The Blank Theory's cd? Where's the other The Blackout single? And where's the other The Used single? Huh? Huh?!

Got Kerrang, which has an Ian poster, a bit bout Gerard doing the signing and an AVA interview. It also says that there's a Puscifer album at last, which makes me squee cause I've wanted one for ages. Must find it.

I wanna vote in the reader's poll. Well, the obvious, easy catergories anyway. But the site won't let me. Bah.

It's taken over a year but my keyboard's batteries finally died.

To do list for the next few days:
*See 30 Days Of Night/(maybe) Stardust
*Take pics of all the new stuff
*Find Hailfire missiles
*Redo/update archive

Fics open right now (most standalones/just basic ideas and some won't be finished soon)
*Support Act sequel [Leone twins/The Used] (smut, scat) shall probably be finished first
*Watcher sequel [Leone twins/Ray Toro/Mikey Way] (smut)
*5 Dreams part 3 [Undecided/Ray Toro]
*For The Fantasy [Tomo Milicevic/Shannon Leto] (smut)
*2 Hearts [Matthew Davies/Sean Smith] (smut)
*Coupon [Ray Toro/Mikey Way] (smut)
*Crystal Lake [Robb Flynn/Pete Wentz] (gore)
*Guys like Us In Prison [Oli Sykes/Bob Bryar] (smut, rape)
*Untitled [Pete Wentz/Hemmingway] (bestiality)
*Untitled [Jared Leto/Travis Barker] (smut)
*Untitled [Bullet] (smut)
*Today We Learn About Oral [Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin] (smut)
*Untitled [Gerard Way/Kazuo Kiriyama] (gore)
*Untitled [William Beckett/Spencer Smith/Mikey Way] (smut)
*Untitled [Mikey Way/girl!Mikey] (smut, het)
*Untitled [Bob Bryar/Sawa] (het, smut)
*Untitled [Ash/James] (smut)
*Untitled [Benji Madden/Paul Thomas] (smut)
*Untitled [Paul Thomas/Billy Martin/Frankie Iero] (smut)
*Untitled [RE:E Mikey/Carlos]
*Jerk Off Contest 07 [Tom Delonge, Moose]
*Untitled [Worm/Undecided]
*(Maybe also a Zacky/Oli one after some of these are done)

Then when I get back I'll look at:
*Obsession [Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken] (smut)
*My Body Is Your Body [Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith] (Smut, torture)
*The Time of Our Lives [MCR] (smut)
*Insomniatic Meat [Leone twins/Patrick Stump] (gore, torture)
*Hungry Eyes (Ray Toro/Bob Bryar]
*What To Do With The Dead [Mikey Way/Ryan Ross, Mikey Way/others] (gore)

Yeah, I like doing lists today.
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