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5 Dreams Part 2

5 Dreams
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken, mentions of Bob/others
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Death, rough sex, implied scat
Notes: The main inspiration for this was the Buffy episode Restless (which is all kinds of awesome). I had the idea for this part yesterday, I dunno how it came to me but I justhad to write it, so here it is. It's longer then part 1 was, also there's a hidden lyric. (The Support Act sequel is being worked on next)
Dedications: bloodyhands, mikeyface, the_glory_days, antontobias86, especially fastbetty31 for making me think of Bob/Bert
1: Mikey

I stared out over the lake's crystal blue-tinted water. For months now I'd dreamed about water, lakes, rivers, the ocean. I wasn't exactly sure why. I sat down, cross-legged on the short grass, keeping my eyes on the water. Maybe if I stared long enough it would give me answers, or something would surface from it's depths. Part of me theorised that all these dreams of water sources stemmed from the burning that almost killed me last year. After all, water was fire's bane.


I kept my gaze on the still water, looking up slightly to glance at the water's edge briefly. There wasn't anyone around the lake's rim, apart from me and two figures on the opposite side of the lake, too far away to be seen clearly. I ignored them and returned my sight to the water.

A shadow fell over me, but it didn't scare me. It barely surprised me. "You know, it won't give you the answers you seek."

"I know." I whispered softly, but didn't turn to face the voice's source.

"Back home, the lake's beautiful. But the water's are empty. That's all what beauty is, being dead on the inside." He sank down to the floor beside me and I could feel his eyes on me. "Except you, you're not dead inside." He planted a gentle kiss on my cheek, his stubble brushing against mine. Very few people were deemed worthy of seeing this side of him and I was one of them.

I turned my head to look at him when his lips left my skin. He looked just like he had in the most recent pictures I'd seen of him. His hair was back to black again, hanging past his shoulders. The stubble that surrounded his lips and covered his chin were a clear sign he hadn't shaved in awhile, but I didn't really care about that. Bert Mccracken had never been one to shave, even on a good day. There was something unfathomably attractive about him like that.

"You're not dead or empty inside either."

He shrugged off my words, combing his fingers through his dark hair. "How've you been?"

"Busy, really. You?" I stared over his bare torso, wondering what made him decide to go around topless. Not that I was complaining of course.

"Same." He looked at the floor then and his voice became small, strangely shy. "Have you missed me?"

"I'll always miss you." I reached up and stroked his cheek very lightly. I hadn't wanted things to end with Bert, it had really been forced upon us. When I became The Used's sound guy we became close. It started just with a few conversations, but thingsbetween us progressed pretty quickly. Friends, lovers, boyfriends. All within the space of a few weeks. On our days off we'd spend our free time entangled in one another, exchanging heated kisses and thrusting against and inside each other. We could easily have spent our whole lives like that, but the universe didn't seem to want that. I was given the chance to be a drummer, something I'd always wanted to do. I couldn't say no. I went to join MCR to start living my dream. Trouble was Bert wasn't exactly the most stable of people. Although we'd always keep in contact, he seemed to get paranoid that something was happening between me and the others. Maybe it was the drugs, I don't know.

Together we'd lasted months, apart we lasted weeks. I'd not really seen him since. Sure we'd been at the odd festival and awards show together, but we never ran into each other, despite me looking for him whenever I could. The most I could do was watch when he sang and hope he watched me too when we performed.

"I'm sorry, for everything." I reached up to stroke his cheek, then leaned in and pressed my lips against his. I seemed to have taken him by surprise, as it took him a few seconds to react, his hands reaching around me and stroking my bare back when he did. My tongue pushed into his mouth and twirled slowly around his. I pushed against him, laying him back onto the grass as I climbed onto him. I wanted him, I needed him. I always wanted him and I always would.

I parted my lips from his, gazing into his eyes as I panted against him. "I forgive you." I pushed my hips against him, making him moan below me as our hardnesses pressed together, the only thing seperating them being our pants. "I want you." I reached down for hispants, undoing his fly quickly, his own hands doing the same to mine. Fuck it felt good just to be touch by him again. Since we'd parted I only had sex three times. Once with Ray, because he hoped it would cheer me up, or at least take my mind off it. Then there was once with Brian, when we were drunk and another time with Worm. I had a feeling Bert had been more sexually active then I.

I pushed his pants down his legs, leaving them on the grass below his feet before standing to remove my own. I gazed over his naked body, licking my lips lightly at the sight of him. His legs were spread a little and a faint sheen of sweat covered his body. He'd gotten a few new tattoos and I made a note to study the inked skin later with both my eyes and tongue. The next place to attract my attention was his erect cock, which stood straight out of his thick, curly pubic hair. I crouched down beside him, before bending down and trailing my tongue over his length. I heard him groan above me, which made made me smile before I wrapped my lips around his cock. A lot of people would assume I wouldn't give head, that I was to manly to do such a thing. Those people were wrong.

I closed my eyes as I took him betweeen my lips, swallowing him steadily inch by inch. When we were together I could take his whole length in moments, but I was out of practice now. I held down his thighs, to make sure he didn't thrust up. I had about half of him now and had no desire to choke on him. My tongue pressed against his underside, an action which made him try to thrust up, but my grip meant he couldn't. I relaxed my throat more, slipping my lips down around himm. I'd missed the taste of him and the feel of him throbbing against my tongue. I opened my eyes to look at him, watching his head tipped back as I took in the remainder of his cock. "Gods Bob...."

I contracted my throat around him slowly, before pulling back off his length, bobbing my head up and down several times. When I finally did pull off his dick, my tongue flicking over his soft, moist head, it was met with a whimper from him. "Don't worry, I'm going to be inside you soon." I stroked his hips and climbed off him, slowly rolling him onto his stomach. I pulled apart his cheeks, gazing at his hole. It looked aexactly as it always did, twitching and eager. I knew what I'd find when I pushed inside him too.

"Do you think you can take me dry?" He nodded with a low groan at the thought, pushing the round globes of his ass into the air. I pushed myself against his hole, entering him slowly. I never understood how he could manage to take me with little resistance and still always be so tight. There had to be a reason for it, maybe he could teach me. I thrust my hips forward, burying myself balls deep inside him. He made loud moans of pleasure, but I wasn't going to silence him, even though he drowned out my own. I didn't care who heard us. Our combined bands could be standing around watching us and I wouldn't care or stop my movements.

I leaned down over Bert, kissing at his neck as I thrust into him, his soft heat enveloping me. The deeper I thrust into him, the more I felt him stain my length. The first time we'd done that I'd only been mildly disgusted, but every time after that it just made me more aroused. Today was no exception. "Please Bob..." I gripped onto his sides, roughly slamming my length into him, making him cry out as I hit his spot. I made sure to keep hitting it with each movement of my hips, snaking a hand under him to stroke his slick length. He twitched around me with each stroke as my lips left his neck to nip at his collarbone. He always seemed to like that.

"Cum in me Bob, please fill me. I need you to. I'm close already, I know I can't take much more." I nodded against him, seperating my lips from his skin so i could focus all my energy on fucking him. I knew I'd probably not last long either. I bit my lip, tilting my head back as I called out his name. My eyes lidded in pleasure and I thrust one last time, our cocks exploding in unison. My load filled him, whille his coated my hand and his stoomach.

I pulled out slowly, laying on my back beside him and sucking my fingers clean. I missed his taste. "You were amazing." I smiled at him as he turned to face me, prepared to just push his head down to my brown and shite stained cock, but there was something in his eyes that made me not do so.

He nodded slowly in response, then spoke softly, his tone serious and his breath lacking the pants of someone who'd just had an orgasm. "We are kings now, of nothing all." I looked at him, completely confused, before he kissed me lightly on my lips. "Now run Bob, you have to run."

I didn't understand him, but I felt myself stand, as if my body was following his instructions, despite my mind not understanding them. I looked over his sweat covered body, tipping my head to one side when I was standing. "Run!" His voice was more insistant now then before. "You have to run!"

I looked around briefly, noing that the sun was setting on the horizon now before starting to run from Bert. I didn't want to, but something told me I needed to, that he wouldn't tell me to without a reason.

I'd been running for less then 5 minutes before I heard a scream behind me, a scream of pain. His. I stopped, turning back to look at him. There was something sticking out of his chest, but I couldn't see what. "Don't come back Bob, run! Fucking run." Then I saw what it was as it was joined by another, an arrow flying through the air and slamming into arm, making him scream again. This one was on fire, flames burning from the word and I could practically see it charring Bert's skin. Tears filled my eyes as another pierced his skin, this time his leg, alone this one wasn't alight. "Run Bob, for me, please!"

I turned and started running, hating myself for doing so. Every few steps I'd hear another scream and another. By the time I reached a nearby circle of trees, the screaming had ceased. I'd find who did this to him and make them suffer. I stepped towards the center of the trees, tears running down my cheeks and ragged pants filling the darkening air around me. I took deep breaths to calm myself, walking slowly to the trees ahead of me, wiping the tears from my eyes. I'd need clear vision to find this fucker.

I was almost at the treeline when the first one set alight. "What the fuck?" As I moved around the circle, hoping to get out, each of the trees set ablaze, the warmth of the fire hittng my naked body. It wasn't the heat that made me sweat though. "What the fuck is this?!" I did another circuit around the trees, looking for an escape, but the trees were too close together. The only way out would be to run through the flames, something which I'd never do.

I narrowly dodged another flaming arrow, which would have hit me in the face if I hadn't moved. "Show yourself!" The only response I got was another arrow aimed for my arm, which missed too. I backed up towards the middle of the flaming circle, finding myself pressed against another tree, only this one wasn't burning. My surprise at reistering the wood against me meant that I couldn't dodge the next two arrows, which went straight through my hands, pinning me to the tree.

I could just about see a figure through the flames and heard him speak through the fire. "I'll be sure to fuck your lovers corpse when you're dead." The fire before him seemed to calm slightly, allowing me to see Bert's body beside him, at least six arrows in his body and his skin burnt from their flames. I could see the feet of another body too, but that didn't matter to me. bert was the one that mattered.

"You fucker!" I struggled against the arrows, feeling myself start to pull from them, pain rushing through my wounds due to the movement. I'd stuff one of these things through his eyes and fucking piss slit when I got ahold of him. I knew his voice, but my rage wasn't allowing me to place it.

"Bye Bob." I could see his hand combing through Bert's hair and felt more heat, this time from behind me. The tree I was pinned too was alight now, just as the others were. The fire burned into my back, the pain almost enough to free me from the arrows, but another volley joined them, piercing through my legs. I screamed in pain, cursing whoever he was as my hair caught fire, burning into my scalp. Still, I struggled, my intense desire for vengeance overriding the pain. It wouldn't matter if I died as long as I took him with me.

"I admire you resistance, I just hope it won't ruin the taste of your flesh once it's cooked." I heard him laugh again as more arrows came at me, this time going through my stomach, the force of them sending me back into the flames. I screamed and thrashed, though it was doing me no good. Even if I got free from these arrows, I'd be dead before I got to him.

"You will die, you fucking bastard." Those were the last words that passed my lips before the flames overcame me completely and my eyes rolled back into my head.
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