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I'd like to play a game

Last night we did a Saw trilogy run. I didn't notice Sound Effects And Overdramatics is played in Saw 2 until last night.

Fill in poll if you haven't

Does anyone know if there's pics of Bob with any of The Used.

Today's been busy. We went to Walsall and Wolverhampton, then seen Saw 4. We did masses of shopping. I swear I'm as bad as girl's get sometimes. First went to sci-fi shop. I got babu a massive dragon, a comic pack (Dark Woman one), Pokemon thing, Rabe and Teemto Pagelies. Horrible thing is I saw some of them cheaper in Forbidden Planet and The Entertainer so coulda saved £8, bah!

We went to Smiths and got some magazines (yay for my N Gamer being the Majora's mask cover! gods, I love that game...). Then we went to HMV (babu got Mcfly stuffs and 30 Seconds poster) and to Asda. I got Hostel 2 and some batteries, babu got Dead Silence.

Then we went to Wolverhampton. I got 4 Star Trek dvds (yay!), more Pokemon stuff and the Star Wars coin album before going in Forbidden Planet. I got some minis (not the ones I wanted), a Hailfire Droid, nother comic pack (Obi-Wan) and Umbrella Academy 2. Also got some Pokeballs from game, yay!

Saw 4 was brilliant. I don't get why everyone things it's sick though. Has my brain become that warped now? The only thing that bothered me was the sound of the saw at the start cause it was so loud. Damn thing. Yay, I loved it though. It's made Saw 5 so obvious.

There wasa trailer for 30 Days Of Night before it though. It looks so awesome. I must see it. Not just causa Josh, no.

We missed the bus though so had to wait for ages. We got some food though, which is good.

I've also got an idea for the second part of 5 Dreams, which I might wwork on later after opening stuff/watching stuff. All I'll say is that it involves Bob/Bert.
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