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There's something very unspeakably hot about Gerard singing about decapitation and mutilation. And I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for babu.

Other hot things: Mikey looks gorgeous now. I love the hair and just the prettyness.

Spencer: facial hair is a big no! Though Ryan in a leather jacket's hot.

Bob's sick, I just wanna snuggle him back to health.

What am I doing today? Well, I don't think anything really. I've been on Sonic and will probably go back on it soon. Also been fishing on Phantom Hourglass so might do more of that too. I don't know if I'll write today, but I might if I get inspired. One more standalone done though so yay.... though I did open another before it finished, so that cancels it out.

Has anyone played Bioshock? What's it like?

I might get it Monday when we go to Wolverhampton. We'll be seeing Saw IV then and I'll be getting Hostel 2 among other things.
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