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After Dusk

After Dusk
Pairing: Jeff Angel/Matthew Leone (mentions of Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone and Matthew Leone/Dan Torelli )
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Timeshift
POV: Matthew
Notes: I started this after I finished playing Hotel Dusk ages ago and it just.... didn't get finished. It got forgotten till I found it the other day and decided there was too much there just to leave it unfinished, so here it is.
Dedications: bloodyhands, mikeyface, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, antontobias86

"This is where we're staying?" I gazed up at the building, that we were approaching which was a two floored structure that had the words 'Hotel Dusk' above the entrance way. It looked like something from the 70's, though I had to admit, with the sunset it looked quite beautiful. "What an utter shithole."

"It's not that bad." Of course Dan would say that. He's hardly left home. Thankfully we'd only be staying here a few nights, then we'd been on the road and far away from this place. Just as soon as the bus was fixed that is.

Nathan had taken charge and called all the hotels nearby, finding that Dusk was the only one with enough room for all of us. Not wanting us to be split up in the big city, he'd booked the place on the spot, without even knowing what it looked like. "I think it looks nice. Very... retro."

"Whatever." I passed my twin and other bandmates, pushing open the double doors to enter the building. as I glanced around the lobby I sighed to myself again, spotting the counter complete with a bell. "Great, more of that 'retro' quality."

"Shut up brother." Nathan nudged me as he approached the counter, ringing the bell for attention, leaving me to continue scanning the room. There wasn't much in the room. there was a couch against one wall, with a small table beside it an a larger one in front of it. There was a faded sticker above it along with a noticeboard with various pinned pieces of paper advertising local events and activites. The rest of the room was pretty bare, except for the counter which had a small tv on the opposite side from where the bell sat. Behind the counter was a door, possibly to the main office and a series of numbered boxes filled the rest of the space. Clearly the four of us would be occupying most of this place's rooms.

Nathan leaned against the counter and pressed the bell again. A few moments after the second ring the door opened and out came a guy that looked a little older then us. He took one look at us, brushed some of his hair behind his ear and smiled. "Ah, you must be the Medina party."

"Madina." Nathan corrected before I could make any remark of my own. Sometimes the whole twin thing we had was just plain annoying.

"Ah yes, four rooms was it?" Nathan nodded but inwardly I sighed. I hated that this place had single rooms. I'd much rather sleep with one of the other guys in the room, then alone in this strange place. He reached behind the counter and handed each of us a key. "213, 214, 215 and 216. All of them are through there then up the stairs on your right." I turned the key in my hand, gazing at the number on the key's tag. Apparently I'd gotten 213. "The restaurant's at the bottom of the stairs, through the double doors. Dinner's at 6pm, the bar opens at 9pm. Breakfast's at 8am. Enjoy your stay."


My room was the biggest of the four it seemed. As soon as I entered I scanned the room there was a bed, some drawers, a wardrobe, a small bathroom, a couch, table with magazines, desk and tv. I guessed it was a fairly nice room. The whole trip here had taken a lot outta me, so I curled up on the surprisingly soft bed and drifted off to sleep.


"What exactly are you doing in my room?" The voice woke me from my sleep. As I opened my eyes I turned my head to the source of the voice, noting that the room seemed slightly more run down then I remembered. In front of the door stood a young male, in his early 20's, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked quite attractive actually as his eyes scanned over me, his hands fairly on his hips. Unfortunately he was fully clothed in a white tee and jeans, but my mind was already removing them from his slender frame. "I said what are you doing in my room? Are you a client or something?"

"Client?" I blinked, rubbing my eyes to clear the sleep that was in them.

He rolled his eyes at me. "Yes, client. You know, a guy that comes to me looking for certain... services."

Slowly I sat up in my bed, the bed felt slightly different too. "What kind of services?"

"Is this a test or something?" He sighed softly as he approached me. "I'm a male hooker. Now, either you're either here for my services and that idiot Louis gave you a key or you're not, in which case can get out."

"How much?" I gulped to myself, thoughts of shoving him out the door and telling him this was my room out of my head.

"Depends what you want. Blow job, fucking... I've got some toys and cuffs over there." He gestured to a rucksack that was set on the couch, which clearly held the things he promised. "If you had a dog it would be extra."

"A... dog? What do you mean?"

The boy rolled his eyes at me, pulling his tee up slowly. "What do you think I mean?" I groaned softly at the thought that popped into my mind, even though I knew I should probably be disgusted by it. "But clearly you don't so it doesn't matter. So what do you want beautiful?"

"I'm not sure yet." I bit my lip as I stared at his exposed stomach. "How about you strip for me and tell me your name."

"Jeff. Jeff Angel." He pulled the t-shirt up achingly slowly to reveal the rest of his chest. I was pretty sure his name wasn't real but right now I couldn't care less, I just wanted this beautiful guy to get naked for me. Then I could have my way with him. "And yours?"

"Matthew Leone."

"Nice name." My tongue trailed over my lower lip as he pulled his tee up over his body, my cock stiffening even more inside my pants as his body was revealed to me. He swayed his hips as he dropped the item of clothing to the floor, taking another few steps towards me. "Tell me what gets you off."

"The usual really. Handcuffs, dildos, pretty boys." I paused for a moment and then just blurted out soemething I'd never told anyone. "My twin brother."

"Ah." He licked his lips again as he unzipped his fly. "Brother's having sex never fails to be hot. Though I've not had twins yet. At least, not at the same time."

I didn't know how to respond to him, not quite beliving what I heard. As I opened my mouth to say something, he pushed his jeans down his slim legs until they pooled around his ankles. I had a feeling this was Dan's idea, I'd have to pay him back somehow. He grinned at me as I stared at his bulging boxers, his hips swaying slightly as he approached me. He groped himself lightly, then climbed onto the bed, licking a path up along my pants. He licked his lips once he was at my groin, taking my fly between his teeth and slowly pulling it down. His hands were now up under my tee, stroking over my stomach lightly. His fingertips did small circles oer my heated skin as he dipped his tongue between my now open fly. As I felt his tongue brush over my throbbing length, I was glad I'd gone commando today. He pulled back slightly, only to move a hand down to free my erection. "Mmmmm, you really are a big boy, just like I thought."

He smirked up at me, holding my cock upright at the base, taking the head between his lips. His tongue flicked over my slit briefly as he swallowed my length down his throat. Within seconds my entire length had vanished between his pretty lips. No one had ever taken me that fast before, maybe he was a part time porn star. "Fuck, you're an amazing cocksucker."

His only response was to trace his tongue over my veins, before starting to bob his head up and down slowly. I gripped the bedsheets tight between my fingers, arching my hips up. His hands took this opportunity to undo the top button of my jeans and pull them down, exposing myself more for him. His fingers cupped my balls lightly, gently squeezing them as he suckled on my length. He kept moving his head up and down slowly for a few minutes. I was almost close when he pulled off.

He flashed a grin up at me when I whimpered at the loss. "My ass is even better then my throat." He moved back from my saliva slick length, slipping two fingers between his soft lips and using the other hand to push down his boxers. I watched him, completely enthralled by his actions, my hardness pulsing between my legs.

"Be quick, please." He smiled around his fingers, suckling on them and clearly using his tongue to wet them. He removed them slowly, clearly satisfied that they were ready. He moved them down to his ass and wasted no time in thrusting both within him. He let out a cry of pleasure, his hips jerking forward as his fingers twisted inside him, loosening his hole for me. His pretty eyes were on me and I felt like I knew what he wanted, without him saying a word. I pulled at my t-shirt, tugging it over my chest and arms before tossing it on the floor beside us.

He moved off the bed, but only so he could use his free hand to pull my pants down and off me completely. Once they were removed, he turned around so I could watch his fingers thrust in and out of his pucker. I could spend hours laying here watching that beautiful sight, but right now, my hardness was begging for attention. He knew that as well as I did. I heard a soft pop when he removed his digits from his hole, watching as he bought them up to his lips and suckled on them again, this time to taste himself. I squirmed at his actions, spreading my legs wide as he approached me again. "I'm ready for you now beautiful." He climbed onto the bed, crawling up over me until he straddled my thighs. I held my cock at the base for him, keeping my eyes on his as he edged down.

I let out a low moan as his soft, warm asshole surrounded me. His hands held onto my shoulders as he impaled himself on me, groans escaping from his lips too. He eased his ass down until I felt my balls against his smooth cheeks and I moaned even louder. His walls were squeezing around me as he started to move up and down my length. Fuck, he felt so good. He was right, his ass was even better. I reached up, stroking his chest as he bounced up and down my erection. "Stroke me."

I traced my hands down to his cock, wrapping my fingers around his hard length and starting to pump him. His moans were louder now, almost rivalling my own. I licked my lips, arching up into him. I was still close from the blow job he gave me so I knew I probably wouldn't last too long. I closed my eyes, trying to hold myself off, but images of Nathan riding me instead of Jeff filled my mind. I shook my head, forcing my eyes open to concentrate on the beautiful man that was above me. He looked so gorgeous too, his blond hair falling over his half-lidded blue eyes, the soft lips of his mouth formed into a perfect o. I wished that someone else was here with me to enjoy those pretty lips. Dan definately would enjoy him, though my mind kept wishing that Nathan were here. Not that he'd be interested, but still.

I opened my mouth to tell him how close I was, but he seemed to have picked up on my words before I said them. "Fill me." It only took a few seconds for my body to do just that. My movements still on his rod, my whole body went stiff and my hips thrust up into him. My cum shot out from my slit, spilling against his insides. His hand took over from mine, jerking himself off as his ass milked my dick. His head tipped back and he let out a low groan, spraying over my chest.

"You were an amazing fuck." He grinned down at me, climbing off my cock and the bed. "I'll ask Louis to give you a discount." He licked his lips, panting softly. "I don't normally allow this but... you can sleep in my bed if you want. I can see you're drifting." He planted a kiss on my forehead, then bent down to whisper right into my ear. "Dream of me."


I woke up, alone in my room. It was back to how it was when I first entered and there was no trace of Jeff. Had it all just been a dream? It couldn't have been, it seemed so real. I gazed down at my naked body and realised it had to have been real. There was a stain of dried cum just were his had landed. So where was he now? Had he left while I slept and changed the room? I looked around the room again, making sure there was no sign of him. I'd have to ask the others about this, but maybe they'd think I was crazy.

"Dream of me Matthew, dream of me."
Tags: fic, hotel dusk, jeff angel, jeff angel/matthew leone, madina lake, matthew leone, slash
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