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Oh the fun of it all

Still feeling lousy. I demand a hot male nurse to make me feel better! (Or a hot guy dressed as one, whichever)
Dreams are still annoying. This time I heard a guy (not sure weather it was Lee or Gav) say, "You don't want nice enough. You've never wanted nice enough. You want, you need, me. Always have, always will." That's the only thing I remember about it, so I don't understand it at all.

I come downstairs and put the music channel on, and all they have is Irish people. I don't get why, since St Patrick's Day is tommorrow.
It's no good that most of em did fucking love songs! I mean why? Have I pissed some god/goddess in a way that's more then normal? I mean there's been everything from Gav getting married, to the dreams, the sickness... everything seems to be going wrong.
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