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Let my children go

So I'm pondering leaving here altogether. I'm not sure yet though. I know I've said it before and might say it again.

I tried to ask mum if what my uncle said was true, but she wouldn't give me a straight answer.

Thanks for everyone that commented last night.

Also, if my cousins are reading this then: piss off, this is my journal and it has nothing to do with you. Stop reading and never come back again, kay?

I hate them.

I finished Phantom Hourglass today. Hooray for me. Where's the slash fics already? I wanna read Lineback/Link or Link/Bellum. The end, where they woke up reminded me so much of Link's Awakening. Think it was meant to? I hope they do a sequel (and if not, then a similar game) soon, it's such a cool game. The controls were so awesome/inventive. Definately better then Wind Waker.

I spent last night writing bits, meaning 2 paragraphs so far. I've got ideas for others and have redone a bit of one of the fics I lost. I might get smething done today cause it's taking my mind off stuff.

Also there was the Kath And Kim episode with Kylie, which amused me cause she's brilliant.

I'm sure I'll feel better Monday, once we're out.
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