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That it was over

I feel better today, which is good. Even better, got a letter from nationwide saying my money's in. So, as long as I'm oki, we're going to Wolverhampton tomorrow.

The day'll be spent:
*Going to get Sar Wars figs and Hostel 2
*Going to Forbidden Planet (and getting more Star Wars/minis)
*Go to Woolworths
*Go to Game (I hope they have those Pokeballs)
*Going to see Stardust
*Maybe getting tattoo (though probably not, depends on times and stuff)

Today I spent most of the day on Phantom Hourglass again. I got confused by obvious things again. I still love it though. I think I'm near the end, not sure though. Lineback and Link did it, I'm sure of this. Is it wrong I now kinda like the idea?

I'm sure I'll be on it again tomorrow. One thing I don't like bout it (k, the only thing) is where are the Zora? I love Zora, they're so perdy. BRING BACK THE ZORA! And Sheik, of course.

Everyone with a DS should get it though. Seriously.

I hate that my playlist has somehow gone upside down and that AOL's still being a bitch. I wanna know why it's being so funny.

I'm sure there was something else, but I've forgotted.
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