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And it starts again

2 days, that's as long as the niceness between me and mum lasts. Today she's a bitch.

Last night, my tummy started hurting and I said if it still was today I'd call Job Center. So I went down to do it and mum's being a bitch. As always.


Phantom Hourglass' shooting minigame is a tad addictive. I did it for way over an hour. And still didn't beat the high score damnit. I'm on the perdy Sun Temple though. The puzzles in it are really clever and inventive. And oh so easy to miss sometimes. Best DS game evers?

I wrote a line last night, but sickness prevented more.

I'm going back to bed now to curl up and try and wish sickness away.

Edit: Job Center=bastards. I hate them all.
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