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A pervert on a ship

So I'm gonna reply to all the comments from yesterday now. I'll be reading all the lovely fic later. Thank you all for being so nice and helping make it the best birthday for years. The last few have kinda sucked and I fully expected this one too with how this year's been, but like I said last night it didn't.

Yesterday we went to Birmingham after opening the few presents that were here. Thankfully mum decided to come too, which meant that, although we didn't see Stardust, we had sushi and she had her card. That's good cause the money wasn't in yet.

We spent a few hours wandering around town and buying things from all over. Well, by that I mean mum used her card. We only managed to get sad once, in the Disney shop.

They didn't have the Umbrella bag or any of the figure packs Iw as hoping for though.

We came back and ordered some Domino's pizza (sure it took 6 tries causa the dumb site, but still...) and ate while watching Spaced. Well, I was only half watching cause I had Phantom Hourglass. YAY!

I hate how aol's beng an ass about opening/loading websites and not showing my buddy list. I wanna IM people damnit :( Even using just aim doesn't work. Aol you=fail.

Pictures I'll have tomorrow. Yess.

The official birthday 'haul'

From mum/nan:
*Endor AT-AT
*Lego Imperial Landing Craft (though I had that last week)
*Lego TIE Crawler (though I opened it early)

From mum's friend
*Mug (bah)
*Crystal unicorn < 3

From babu:
*Cuddly skelanimal Pen

From the_glory_days:
*Bad taste Bear keyring
*Coupons (fic inspiration :P)
*Perdy Atreyu tee

From fastbetty31 (which came friday and I forgots:[)
*Star Wars sticker/badge pack thing

From bloodyhands:
(got on the Madina trip):
*Poison The Well: Versions
*Emanuel: Black Earth Tiger
*Kylie: Confide In Me
*Kylie: Showgirl Live
*30 Seconds To Mars 7 inch
*The Used: Berth
*Star Wars minis
*My Sims
*The Cat Returns
*Kiki's Delivery Service
*Tion Meddon
*M'iiyoom Onith
*Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker
*New Essential Guide To Alien Species

(Got on The Blackout trip):
*Buffy Season 7
*Ally Mcbeal Season 4
*Good Charlotte Fast Future Generation
*Star Wars minis
*Star Wars Outbound Flight
*Star Wars Tempest
*Resident Evil Extinction novel
*Bullet For My Valentine Hoodie
*Kylie: Greatest Remix Hits 3
*Saliva: Blood Stained Love Story
*It Dies Today: Sirens
*Thrice: The Artist In The Ambulence
*Star Trek Deep Space 9 Season 4
*French And Saunders Best Of
*Skelanimal keyring
*Simpsons Kiss And tell
*Three Extremes
*Three Extremes 2

From the trip yesterday;
*Poison The Well: The Opposite Of December
*Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance sampler
*Spaced Series 2
*Resident Evil Apocalypse: Resurrected Edition
*Ak Rev
*Dash Rendar
*Holographic Leia
*Phantom Hourglass (which is awesomeness)
*Phantom Hourglass game kit
*Phantom Hourglass wallet kit (which I didn't realise was for the Lite, sob)
*Phantom Hourglass screenwipe (Game FTW!)
*Pokeball (Yay for the cute ickle Castforms inside < 3)
*Cuddly... thing, from Borders
*Doctor Who cards (with Chantho!< 3)
*Mesh tee
*Chewbacca (prisoner)
*Leia (as Boushh)
*Holo Plo Koon
*Coruscant Clone Commander
*Star Wars Vault (that I dunno where it is...)

I think that's it. The lego Star Destroyer is still on it's way but I've no way of checking with AOL being a bitch. I'm gonna go through comments and reply now, like I said up there, then go back on Hourglass.

I hate that Job Center's tomorrow. I hope they're not bitchy. I'd rather stay home and write.
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