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Drowning in a digital sea

Meh I don't want tomorrow to be tomorrow.

Maybe I've put it across that it's the age thing. While it's true I've no real desire to be older, it's mostly cause I'll be without who I'm normally with on my birthday. Here's a mix between the flat and what here was, which is unsettling at times. It's as if mum's trying to make it our home, but failing cause there's things that are still theirs.


That's why I've gotta get far away from here tomorrow. If not to Birmingham then somewhere else. Birmingham just seems the most logical choice.

Watching Hostel last night makes me wanna get back to doing Insomniatic Meat, but I know I'd get a blank if I had it open.

Still, I have three fics open which have a start to them. Might get one of them done today before returning to bed. Bed's nice and safe.

I hate that people feel the need to comment on fic saying how disgusted they are. Why can't they just use their brain cell and stop reading? It's made me more certain I don't wanna post anywhere.
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