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For The Fantasy

For The Fantasy
Pairing: Jared Leto/Shannon Leto/Tomo Milicevic
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tomo
Warnings: Rape, bondage
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, bloodyhands mikeyface the_glory_days

Tonight started out simple enough. It was meant to be just a quiet night in, just me and Shannon. We watched a movie, I gave him head, we had a few drinks, the usual stuff. Then we got to talking. For the first ten minutes we talked about the film, but he apparently got bored with that topic. I was thankful he did, because I wasn't paying attention to what had happened onscreen at all. "Tell me Tomo, what do you fantasise most about?"

I thought for a moment. I had a lot of sexual images in my head, so sifting through them proved harder then I first thought. Plus there were ones I didn't want to tell him. He'd be digusted if he knew I had thoughts of him shitting on me. Then there were thoughts which would involve a third person, so I discounted them. So that left me two options. May as well combine the two. "You, dressed as a bear, giving me head while I'm in nothing but a tiny black mini-skirt. Then once you've swallowed my cum, you piss on me." I could feel my cheeks turn redder as I spoke. "After that, you fuck me dry."

He seemed to think about it, then a smirk crossed his lips. "Wanna make that happen?"

"Wh... what?"

"I said, pretty boy." He leaned in close and kissed my neck lightly. "Do you want to make it happen?"

I shivered slightly, my cock twitching in my pants. Of course I wanted to make it happen, but I had a feeling there was a catch. In all the time I'd known Shannon I'd never known him to go down on anyone. "I... do."

"Good." He grinned, kissing me roughly. When he pulled back for air he licked his lips. "I want you to do something for me."

"What's that?"

"My fantasy."

"What is it?" I asked, slightly nervous as to what his answer would be.

"To see you fuck my brother." There was a dark glint to his eyes, which only made my cock harder. "And to enslave him."

Maybe he wouldn't have been disgusted by my other thoughts after all. I'd met Shannon's younger brother, Jared, only once before. He was quite attractive, with pretty blue eyes and shoulder-length black hair. He seemed to be shy, but maybe that was due to him not knowing who I was. He had a nice ass though. It looked round and sweet, almost perfect beneath the jeans he was wearing.

I didn't need to think about my answer. I knew I'd never get a chance like this again to get my fantasy, so I took it. "Ok."

"Excellent." A smirk crossed his lips and before I knew what was happening he was standing up. "Let's go then."


Half hour later, we were outside.Jared's house. When Shannon stepped out the car, I followed him and watched as he removed his keys. It seemed only natural for him to have a key to unlock his little brother's front door. From the outside, the house was total darkness, which implied Jared was asleep. We entered as quietly as we could, Shannon still leading me. Jared's place seemed simpler then Shannon's, with the halls barely furnished. His room was pretty nice though. He was, as expected, laying on his bed asleep.

He looked like an angel, with half the bedcover off his body, so the curves of his naked body were exposed to us. His skin was so pale and looked so smooth in moonlight. Shannon headed to his bedside, stroking Jared's cheek lightly to see if he was awake. When he didn't stir, Shannon pulled the covers off his brother fully.

Jared's body shivered a little, though otherwise he remained still. His cock was half-hard, which meant he was probably having a nice, arousing dream. Shannon's hungry eyes took in the sight of him for a few moments, before he was moving again. He took each of Jared's wrists, moving theem above his head. He used one of Jared's own belts to bind them together. He pushed apart Jared's legs slightly, his tongue swiping over his lips. "He's ready for you."

"Aren't you going to..."

"Do it." He growled, his eyes dark. I had a feeling if I didn't, he'd make me and he wouldn't do what I wanted. I unzipped my fly, pulling out my hardness and moving between Jared's spread legs. Shannon pulled Jared's legs up to his body, holding his knees close to his chest so I could enter him better.

I aimed my length for his twitching pucker, glancing briefly at Shannon before I slammed my hips forward, forcing my dick inside him. I bit my lip, moaning softly at the tightness. Of course, my thrust stirred him from his slumber., his eyes instantly wide when he realised what was happening. "What the..." One of Shannon's strong hands was clamped across his mouth, silencing him.

"Silence little brother." I felt Shannon's eyes turn on me. "Fuck him harder."

I did as he asked, pulling out from Jared's tight ass before slamming back inside him. I heard him cry behind Shannon's hand and see the tears in his crystal blue eyes. I'd feel sorry for him if he didn't feel so good. His muscles were squeezing around my shaft, trying to push me out, though he didn't succeed. I pulled out again and thrust deep inside him, feeling his blood surround me. "He's so tight..."

"Course he is." Shannon chuckled, his other hand combing through Jared's long, dark hair. "Little brother's such a slut, used to putting his little dick in whoever he wants." He bent down to Jared's ear smirk on his lips as he purred. "Well we're putting an end to that. From now on you'll just be my, our, whore." Jared's eyes were wide as he listened to his words, clearly more terrified then before. "And you'll be the one taking cock and giving head."

I bit my lip, rocking my hips against Jared. Yes, he really was our whore, even though his little dick didn't show even the slightest arousal. "In fact, I think you could use the practice." Shannon removed his hand from Jared's hair, unzipping his fly and pulling out his thick hardness. He climbed onto the bed beside us, removing his hand from his brother's jaw slowly. "Scream and I'll slice through your vocal chords. Bite and I'll pull out your teeth. Slowly, one by one. Do you understand me?"


"Good boy." I watched Shannon force his dick into his mouth, stilling myself so he didn't make any involuntary movements. He gripped onto his hair and I could see him gag after the first few inches. I knew the feeling, when I first took Shannon's cock I almost choked and I had some level of experience. I stroked Jared's throat lightly, feeling it bulge sllightly. "Did I tell you to stop fucking this bitch?"

I nodded, digging my nails into the skin of Jared's hip and neck as I resumed thrusting into his tight, bloody heat. I bent down over him, biting the top of Shannon's jeans, pulling them down as best as I could. I had practice, though it was usually with his front instead. I pulled them down, exposing his round, firm cheeks to the cold night air. I slipped my tongue between them, lapping at his crack lightly. He groaned above me, pushing back against my face. "Mmmm good Tomo, you always know the right thing to do."

I moaned against him, circling his ring slowly with my tongue before easing inside. He was tighter then Jared was. I closed my eyes, inhaling his scent as I continued my thrusts, knowing I was fairly close already. "Cum in the slut Tomo." I released Jared's neck, cupping Shannon's heavy balls and stroking them with my fingers. I wanted him to shoot when I did.

I slammed back into Jared, knowing I wouldn't be able to hold on. I closed my eyes, kept my tongue buried deep in Shannon's asshole and let go of his balls, not wanting to crush them in my grip. Instead my hand returned to Jared's throat, squeezing tight as I came. If his mouth wasn't full I was sure he'd have screamed. He was certainly struggling enough. I felt Shannon's cock bury itself deep in his throat and he suddenly stilled.

A groan above indicated that Shnnon had came too, just seconds after I had. I let go of Jared, pulling my spent dick from his ass as Shannon did the same to his mouth, wiping his saliva and cum covered cock over his brother's sweet face. "Do the same." I climbed onto his body, replacing Shannon when he removed aside, zipping himself back up. I wiped my bloodied cock over his face, mmaking sure to wipe the red liquid on his lidded eyes. He must have passed out from lack of air. "Good boy."

I smiled and turned around, watching Shannon flex his hand. He curled his digits into a fist, using his other hand to keep Jared's ass prised open before before forcing his fist into the limp body. I stepped off Jared, zipping myself back up as I watched, Shannon forcing his hand into him, his wrist surrounded by Jared's broken entrance. I'm sure he'd scream.in pain if he was awake. "I bet he was so tight around you." He circled his hand, purring at the feeling befre removving his fist, blood, slight shit and cum covering it. He glanced at the mess, then wiped it all in Jared's pretty hair. I had a feeling it would get such treatment a lot now. "Come on, let's get the whore home." He wiped the rest in the bedsheets, licking his lips. "Tomorrow we get that bear suit for you."

I grinned at his words, my cock twitching again as I went to lift up our beautiful new toy. "Yes sir."
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, fic, jared leto, jared leto/shannon leto/tomo milicevic, shannon leto, slash, tomo milicevic
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