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Let's leave unsaid, what's left unspoken

I did most of what I was meant to do yesterday, only not. The archive (which is open in a notepad) is half ready, about 90% for the pics I wanted taken have been, but I don't weant to upload them and I only wrote a paragrah.

I've got 7 8 fics open, so maybe that's the problem. Here they all are:
*Pandora Part 2 (Matthew Leone/Sean Smith)
*2 Hearts (Sean Smith/Matthew Davies)
*For The Fantasy (Shannon Leto/Jared Leto/Tomo Milicevic)
*Crystal Lake (Pete Wentz/Robb Flynn)
*Coupon? (Ray Toro/Mikey Way)
*5 Dreams (various)
*[Untitled How To Be A Support Act sequel] (Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman/Dan Whitesides, Dan Torelli/Sean Smith)
*[Untitled Watcher sequel] (Matthew Leone/Mikey Way/Ray Toro/Nathan Leone)
*[Untitled] (Pete Wentz/Hemmingway)

Gonna have fun while babu's here. We're gonna make sure the goriest scenes from all the films I have will be playing when mum comes in from work (or just from being out somewhere). Why? I dunno.

Although the bed's still messy. I hate mum.

I keep playing this song for some reason.

I'm gonna go write now I'm fully awake. Hopefully I'll have something posted before I go for Lady Vengeance at 12:45 tonight.

5 days. Bah.
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