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Seven days all have special meaning, but you just call it a week

6 days.

I've not been up very long today. Only just over a hour. I'm feeling better then last night. Well, I was, until I found a picture of grandad on the cam's memory card. Sigh.

I don't know why this keep hitting me so hard. Is it normal? I dunno anymore. Maybe it's the time of year. The last three months alwas used to be big on family time, with birthdays and Christmas but I just... don't have that anymore.

I'm gonna be doing about 4 posts today, this is the first. The other three will be late. One will be an updated and redone archive post, cause it's not been editted in awhile and I think it needs changing. Another will be a post of pictures, including merc, recent dvds and stuff. The other will be fic. I dunno which order they'll be done in, or which fic'll I'll have ready today until I start writing, which'll be after Simpsons probably.

I'm gonna go. read fastbetty31's fic now.
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