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The only way of loving me is to pay a lovely fee

My life is fitted into one of two catergories: Days when I hate the world and days when I love it. It started out the latter but moved to the former.

Every proper conversation I have with mum leaves me either annoyed or depressed. The good times are over. The person I love most in the world is suffering a fate worse then death. My family's died around me. My life seems so aimless, so empty.

Today was spent moving stuff into the loft.

In the few breaks I had, I took pictures, ordered the Lego Star Destroyer and opened the package from the_glory_days sent me.

For spending the day doing stuff I got an early birthday present, so I spent an hour making the Lego Imperial Landing craft.

Then Moulin Rouge was on, so we watched that. It's so depressing really. Love's supposed to be the most powerful force in the universe, yet it always dies. Always.
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