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To-do list for tomorrow:
*Chuck boxes in loft
*Organise dvds
*Take pics of stuff
*Arrange Doctor Who figs (yes I'm sad enough to already have groups in my head, lemme alone)
*Finish Pandora Part 2
*Try and finish For The Fantasy
*Re-do/repost the fic archive
*Start Watcher sequel
*Start 2 Hearts
*Figure out who to pair with Madina!Dan, Jepha, Robb and Russell Howard with. Oh and Mitch Hewer. Damn famousmlaes
*Watch more DS9
*Upload the Blackout's album
*Decide which is better: A Hoth Battle pack with a turret or an Endor one with Ewoks

I know I won't manage to do all of them. But I can try.

Before bed, Friday 5.

Which is best:

1. (Song 2) Honey This Mirror..., Give 'Em Hell Kid, DEAD!
Honey This Mirror

2. (Song 5) Our Lady Of Sorrows, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Welcome To The Black Parade
I'm Not Okay

3. (Song 7) Skyline And Turnstiles, The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You, House Of Wolves
House Of Wolves

4. (Song 9) This Is The Best Day Ever, Thank You For The Venom, Mama

5. (Song 11) Demolition Lovers, It's Not A Fashion Statement..., Teenagers
Fashion Statement

It doesn't say to give reasons so.. mwhahah. Plus I'm too tired.
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