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Is this forever and ever?

A quick post before I go (though I'm not sure when that is as mum hasn't come back with the bus ticket).

There's a new Star Trek film out next year. At first I wasn't that bothered about it but Sylar and Simon Pegg are gonna be in it. So now I wanna see it, curse ye interwebs.

I'll take pictures of stuff tomorrow instead or today causa seeing nan/Resident Evil. Pics will be of the sprawl of new cds and dvds I've got, the Blackout signed stuff, Madina merch and... well, I'm not sure yet.

Why do the Job Ceneter feel the need to tell me I'm getting a tiny increase in my money? Not only that, why do they have to write it in an incomprehensible and confusing way?

Mum fell asleep during Nightmare. I expected as much. Can we ever get through something without her sleeping? Honestly.

So today (once mum's back which had better be soon), I'm gonna see nan quick, go to town, get out money, go to cinema, see Resident Evil, go back to town, buy something for me, get Pepsi and drink for next week, come home.

I have three fics open (I might start on Watcher's sequel though, causa Ray/Mikey thoughts). The ones open now are the Jared rape, Sean/The Blackout!Matthew and Pandora Part 2.

So if people could look at the fic list I posted last week and say here which ones they wanna read most, I'll get on it after these fics.

Also finished and posted the scat fic last night, so anyone that wants to can read.

Anyone know where there's any Bert/The Used fic? I blame my craving on this awesome fic.

Anyone else notice that the start of My Way Home Is Through You=the start of The Beijing Cocktail?

I'm gonna go change now.

Edit: It's now 1:45 and she's not back yet. The latest I could leave is 2:10 so that's screwed today up. Back to seeing it Wednesday.
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