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How To Become A Support Act

How To Become A Support Act
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Nathan Leone/Matthew Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: Scat, urination, BDSM, crossdressing
Notes: This was done causa the poll. I have planned a twins/Bert fic for ages, but that poll gave me an idea, this one.
Dedications: fastbetty31, bloodyhands

We stood in a crappy hotel room which we'd been told to come to. We hadn't been called by name, just the 'two pretty twins'. As long as we came here and did as we were told, we'd been informed that we'd be on a small tour as a support act. While Nathan had his reservations, Mateo and Dan had convinced him to go for it. I hadn't needed any such pushing.

"I don't like this." Nathan was pacing the room. He had been doing so since we'd got here and I was sure he was wearing a hole in the a tattered carpet. We'd been here almost fifteen minutes, even though we'd only been told to be here on the hour. It was Nathan's idea to be early, so it was his own fault we'd had bnothing to do.

"It'll be fine." I sighed, sitting down on the edge of the mattress, tired of standing and watching him go from side to side. I glanced at the clock, noting that it was now five to. "He'll be here soon."

No sooner had I said those words then there was a voice outside the door. "Are you in there?"

"Yeah, we are." I spoke for us both, getting back on my feet as my twin stopped his movements.

"Good." The voice went silent for a few seconds, then spoke again. "Take off your clothes."

"What?" Nathan asked, as if he'd gone deaf. I was already working on pulling my t-shirt over my head.

"I said, take off your clothes. When you're naked, I'll be in there."

Nathan looked at me, disbelief clear on his features. I wasn't sure if it was from the man's words outside or that I was following his instructions. "Oh for fuck's sake Nathan, just do what he says." My body was already full exposed, my nipples becoming erect due to the cold. I reached for my fly, unzipping it and pulling my jeans down. I'd decided to go commando today, figuring that this would be a sex thing and that boxers would just get in the way. I stood there, naked as the day I was born and half hard, while my twin just looked at me like I was crazy.

It was clear he wasn't going to strip, so I crossed the distance between us and started to do it for him. He didn't restist when I removed his jacket, allowing me to drop the balack material to the floor. When I pulled up his t-shirt, he just sighed and raised his arms above his head. Although we were twins, there was little things about our body's that told us apart. He was slightly rounder then me and I had the prominant mole on my cheek. I kissed his forehead lightly. "It'll be ok Nathan, rememebr, I'm here." he nodded slightly, pushing me away so he could remove his own pants and briefs, freeing his soft cock. The sight of it made my own twitch. He bent to remove his trainers, which I'd done when we first entered the room.

When he'd removed both and straightened up, I spoke again for the man outsdie. "We're naked now."

"Good." I heard him unlock the door and stood beside Nathan, putting my hands behind my back so I was fully on display for him. The door opened and there he stood, looking us over with hungry eyes. Bert fucking Mccracken. He came inside, running a hand through his unkempt blonde hair as he did so. "Perfect boys." He licked his lips quickly. "And it's nice to see how wide your mouth can get." I shot as a sidewise glance at Nathan, his mouth agape in obvious shock. I rolled my eyes at him. Who'd he been expecting?

He circled us slowly, like a vulture or a predator examaning his prey. That's exactly what we were, his prey. "While you're in this room, you'll do as I tell you, I trust that's clear?"

I nodded, though Nathan didn't. Thankfully, Bert was behind us so he didn't notice. "Yes sir."

"Good boy." I felt his palm on my ass, stroking the flesh around my tattoo. "You do as I say and you'll get to tour with us." His hand left me and I could tell by Nathan's expression that his was getting the treatment mine had. "The other guys would be here, but they're tied up." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice, having a distinct feeling that at least one of them really was. "They'll have fun with you though if you perform well tonight."

"What do you want us to do exactly?" Nathan asked, his voice slightly shaky from nerves. Sure, he could handle what we'd done in Fear Factor and singing in front of a crowd, but being naked and groped by Bert made him nervous.

"Many things..." He was in front of us now, smirking wickedly. It made my dick harder. I could tell his mind was filled with the thoughts of what he was going to do to us. Or make us do to each other. "First off you." He pointed to Nathan."Are not hard. Make him him hard." He looked at me and I knew what I had to do. It was clear he didn't know our names, either that or he was purposely not saying them. I dropped to my knees in front of my twin, leaning close and licking at his balls lightly. His length twitched slightly as blood started to fill it, making him steadily more rigid. I traced my tongue along one of his veins up to his head, taking it between my lips and suckling it into my mouth. He moaned softly above me, a hand tangling into my hair. He hardened quickly in my mouth but I kept moving my head aong his shaft. Only when I felt the taste of his salty precum on my tongue did I stop and pull away, satisfied that my twin was fully aroused.

"Very good boy." I heard Bert say as I pushed Nathan's fingers from my hair and moved to stand beside him again. It was clear from the obvious bulge in his pants, that what he'd just seen had turned him on. Bert looked at Nathan again and I knew he was going to get him to do something. "In the top drawer of the bedside table there's something I want you to wear."

I watched as Nathan went to the drawer, his fingers pulling it open. Bert's fingers grasped my chin, turning my head to face him. "You really are quite beautiful, the pictures don't do you justice." His other hand was on my ass again, his fingers moving between my cheeks. When his middle finger brushed against my hole he pushed it into my tightness. I groaned in pain at the rough intrusion, his digit filling me up to his third knuckle. He wiggled it inside me, then pulled it out until just the tip was inside me, ramming it back inside me. He chuckled as my eyes scrunched shut, soft moans escaping my lips. He buried it fully me, then stopped to look at Nathan.

I looked in the direction of his eyeline, gasping at the sight of my brother. He was wearing a black dress that covered his body to his knees. He looked quite stunning, certainly different to how I was used to seeing him. "I look ridiculous." Even though he said that, his cock was still noticeably hard.

"You look amazing." Bert flashed a grin at Nathan, pleased that'd he'd done as he was told no doubt. "Now sway your pretty hips." Nathan did as he was told, shivering slighty as his hips moved from side to side. While he watched, Bert removed his finger from my hole bringing it in front of his face to examine. He sniffed it for a moment, then shook his head, clearly disappointed. "You're clean."

I looked at him, confused by his words, but he leaned in close to whisper in my ear. "You won't be clean for long though." He traced his fingertips over my chest briefly, then nodded at Nathan. "Go and kiss him for me. Then get him on the bed."

I left Bert, heading to my brother, gazing over his body. The dress oddly suited him, though as I approached him I noticed a few stains on the black material. The more noticeable ones were faintly white, indicating cum as a probably cause. The others I couldn't identify as they were too dark. I disregarded them, placing my lips on Nathan's lightly, sliding my arms around him and pulling him close to me. My tongue slipped between my twin's lips to dance around his. I pressed my hips against him, pushing him gently towards the bed. He responded to my kiss, which I was thankful for. It meant he was getting more into it. I had a feeling Bert had more in mind then us fucking.

I pushed Nathan onto the bed, climbing onto him and straddling his waist. I felt his hardness against my ass, the dress the only thing that prevented it from trying to penetrate me. I pulled back from his lips, grinding my ass against him slowly. His eyelids fell over his blue orbs and his mouth opened slightly as he moaned in pleasure, which in turn made me groan softly. Everytime I read about twins being able to feel each other's pain I feel they've been screwed over. We felt each other's pleasure which was a much better ability in my opinion.

Bert was standing beside the bed now and I glanced at him to see what hewas doing. He was looking at me, that smirk still on his lips and a length of chain in one hand. With his free hand he pointed between the chain and Nathan's wrists making it clear what he wanted. I took Nathan's hands, moving them above his head for Bert. I held them in position while Bert wrapped the chain around them, binding them together. When Nathan opened his eyes, clearly curious by the feeling, I distracted him my wiggling my ass against him and planting feather kisses over his neck. It clearly worked as he didn't struggle, even when Bert clicked the last chain into place. I figured the last link in the chain was a clip-lock to secure it.

Satisfied that his hands were bound, Bert's hands left the chain, trailing down my twin's clothed body. I felt his fingers trail briefly down my ass crack, before moving between Nathan's legs. I didn't have to look to see that Bert was roughly penetrating my brother like he had me earlier. The expression on Nathan's face said it all. I pulled back from Nathan's neck, twisting my head over my shoulder to look. Bert's hand was under Nathan's dress and I was sure he was using the same finger he'd used on me earlier.

Upon noticing my curiosity, Bert leaned in close to me, purring softly, yet demandingly, in my ear."Lick your brother's arm pits." I bent down, extending my tongue over the hairy, exposed skin. I'd have to say I'd never done this before with anyone. He tasted of sweat, just like I expected, but he also tasted of something else. I wasn't sure what. I kept licking at the area until all I felt was wet hairs, then traced a paath over his collarbone to the other one, giving it the same treatment. After several thrusts of his finger, I heard Bert remove it. Well, I didn't hear him remove it, just Nathan whimper as he did. I turned around to see if he'd do what he did earlier, watching him bring the finger up to his face. This time he grinned. I looked at him, completely confused as to why he'd react differently, so he decided to show me.

He bought the offending digit in front of my face, wiggling it slightly in front of me. To me, it looked just like it had before, except the tip had a slight brown hint to it. Bert leaned in close to me, his breath hot against my ear. "See that? That's your brother's shit." His tongue flicked over my earlobe after he spoke those words. Oddly, my cock twitched excitedly at his words, which couldn't be normal. Not that any of this could be called normal. "I want you to fist him."

I'd never seen fisting, only heard about it so I wasn't sure how to exactly go about it. I bit my lip, not about to tell Bert I'd no idea what I was doing as I stood from Nathan's body, moving between his thick legs. I gripped his knees, spreading them wide apart. That wasn't enough for Bert though. He pushed me off the bed, surprising me as he easily rolled nathan onto his stomach. He took Nathan's ankles in each hand, bringing them uo to meet above his back, making sure to keep his legs as wide as he could. He held my brother, reaching for another length of chain, wrapping it round his ankles tightly, like he'd done to his wrists. Satisfied, he grabbed Nathan's bound wrists, forcing them behind him too and locking his bindings together. He pulled up the stained dress, exposing my brother's pink ass for us. It didn't matter that Nathan was trussed up and struggling. "Now, work your pretty fist in him."

I took a position beside Nathan, bringing my hand up to his face. I could sense his uncertainty, but he extended his tongue and lapped at my fingers regardless. I combed my fingers through his hair to reassure him, pushing two fingers into his soft, wet mouth. His tongue pressed aganst them, working to cover them with his saliva. I had a feeling if I'd asked for lube Bert wouldn't have given me anything, but this seemed to please him. He leaned against the wall, watching my every action intently, with a dirty grin on his face.

I removed my fingers after a few minutes, makingg sure they were wet enough before trailing them between his ass cheeks. His hole was fairly easy to find, being in the same place as mine as well as being slightly opened from Bert's intrusion. I considered easing them in slowly, but guessed Bert wanted this done fast. I bit my lip as I plunged both my wet fingers into his tight passage, the action making my twin moan in pain. I ignored the sound, wiggling my fingers slightly inside him, pulling them out and pushing them back inside. I thrust them in as deep as I could, parting them from each other to scissor him. I tried to ignore the soft thing the tips of my fingers felt and instead concentrated on geting him spread wider, removing my fingers alone to shove them deep inside again, this time joined by a third. He writhed beneath me as best he could in his position, making moans of pleasure or pain, I wasn't sure which. I assumed pleasure as my dick twitched with every sound he made. I spread my fingers ass wide as I could, opening up my brother's entrance.

I glanced at Bert as I held my brother's hole open, his hand groping his bulging crotch. He was still fully clothed, though I wasn't why. "That's it... now get your hand in." I nodded, removing my fingers, using my other hand to hold his cheeks open before pushing in my hand. Nathan screamed in pain at the intrusion. I was sure he hadn't had anything this big inside him before. I curled my fingers inside him, feeling more of what had to be his shit on my fingertips. I felt equal parts disgusted and aroused by it.

Bert chuckled, coming over and pulling something from his pocket, his other hand reaching for a roll of duct tape. "Quiet slut, your screams are annoying me now." I saw him ball up what he'd removed from his pocket, a dirty pair of boxers and force it into Nathan's mouth. He cover his mouth with one hand, using the other to rip off a strip of the duct tape. He only moved his hand to seal my twin's mouth with the tape. He turned to me, casting the tape aside and wearing that grin. "You feel it?"

"Feel... what sir?" I moved my hand inside Nathan, circling my wrist.

"His shit." I could only nod in reply. It was covering my knuckles now, all soft and sticky, yet it made my cock twitch with arousal. He smirked, his eyes on my erection. "Seems like you like it whore." He came closer to us, running a palm over my chest. "Get as much of it as you can." Strangely encouraged by his words, I pushed my fist slightly deep inside Nathan, feeling more of his waste coat my fingers. bert leaned down, whispering softly into my brother's ear, though it was loud enough for me to hear. "Feel your twin's hand wrist-deep inside you slut? I want you to push, push out your shit to cover him." Nathan visibly shivered at his words, but I felt his muscles clench around me as he did as Bert asked. I felt more of it coat my hand, purring at the feeling. Gods we had to do this again at some point.

Bert's lips were now beside my ear, his voice a soft purr as he spoke. Nathan wouldn't be able to hear him. "When he's done, spread some on your cock and fuck him. The rest goes in the slut's hair." I groaned softly at his words, wanting Nathan's ass to stop pushing already so I could do what he wanted. His muscles spasmed around me a few more times, before stopping completely. "Do it now."

I pulled out my hand slowly, gazing at the thick brown shit that covered it. I glanced briefly at him, then bought my hand to my hardness, spreading some of it onto my leaking length. It didn't take long before my shaft was mostly covered, but there was still half the shit left in my hand. I bought it to Nathan's hair, carefully rubbing it into the strands. I wanted him to look like I did only his stripe was more uneven and, obviously, brown.

Only when I was satisfied with my handiwork did I grip onto his ass, thrusting my length deep inside him. I was balls-deep in one quick motion. Bert took the wrist of my shitty hand in his own, forcing it to my lips. "Lick." I closed my eyes, focussing on thrusting in and out of my brother as I started to lick my hand clean, starting with my little finger and working my way through the digits, saving the back of my hand till last. It didn't taste as bad I thought it would and by the time I was done I actually started enjoying it. I whimpered when all I was able to taste was my own saliva.

Bert released my wrist when he saw I was done. "Fuck the shit into him." I nodded, not needing any encouragement to fuck my twin. We were both moaning, though his moans were muffled by the tape and boxers in his pretty mputh. I kissed his ankles, just above where the chain secured them, then kissed a path up to his toes. Each kissed I made was punctuated by a thrust of my hips, my hardness slamming into him. When I reached his toes I took both of the big ones between my lips, suckling them to stifle the moans of pleasure I made.

We wouldn't last long.

Bert was stroking my ass, whispering more words into my ear. "Fuck the slut harder. You like that don't you? You like fucking your pretty twin." His tongue flicked over my neck briefly. "You'd better get used to it, you'll be doing it in front of an audience." I groaned around Nathan's toes at his word, my tongue fluttering over his nails. I didn't give a fuck what kind of audience he meant. He could mean the rest of his band or a crowd of people but I didn't give a fuck. I'd do it anyway. "Cum inside your brother."

I wasn't sure which of us came first. We both arched our bodies at the same time, our heads tipping back. Although I didn't see him shoot over his dress ad the mattress, I knew he had, just as I spilled my load inside him. I recalled the first time I discovered masturbation and hearing Nathan let out a low moan when I came.

I shook the thought from my mind, pulling out from Nathan's ass slowly, panting heavily. Bert reached between us, seperating the chains and untangling the one that was wrapped around his ankles, allowing them to fall on the bed either side of me. "You're not finished yet." That dirty smirk was back. "You're gonna 69 each other clean. Only you are going to be lapping his ass not cock." He pointed at me when he said that and I almost groaned again. He pulled Nathan's hands back above his head, then ripped off the duct tape. "Spit em out." I heard, rather then saw, Nathan spitting out the boxers, his breathing heavy.

I climbed on top of him, smiling at him as I rubbed my cock over his face, smearing shit and cum trails over his unblemished, sweaty skin. He didn't resist, didn't even pull back. He opened his lips, forming a perfectt o with them before engulfing my softening length, his tongue lapping at hit hungrily. I lay down over his body, burying my face between his ass cheeks and proceeding to plunder the depths of his hole with my tongue.

I was too into licking my brother's dirty walls to notice that Bert had joined us on the bed. I only realised he was when I felt a shaft at my entrance. He forcfed his way inside me, grapping my hair and holding my head in place so I didn't scream. Not that i would. I was too content with having my tongue up my twin to scream.

My cock slipped out of my brother's lips, his hair brushing against my stomach as he tried to reposition himself. I was sure my tummy would be stained now. He flicked his tongue out over my balls briefly, then it was gone. The sound of Bert moaning above let me know he was tonguing him, though wheather it was his sac or something else I wasn't sure. I felt the zipper of his fly against my ass with each thrust, which meant he'd just unzipped himself and got his cock out rather then undressing.

"Fuck you're both such good sluts, better then those other twins." My soft cock was brushing against Nathan's hair. It was too soon for me to get hard again and Bert knew it. Maybe that's why he got me to fuck Nathan before he did me. He wasn't going to last long though, I could tell. There was a certain desperation to his thrusts. I removed my tongue from Nathan, having gotten as much as I could from him. I rocked my hips back against Bert, which was another to satisfy him. He pulled out just before he came, the sticky fluid splashing over my ass.

I felt nathan's head bob twice against me, then felt Bert get off the bed. I heard his zipper pull up, even as he panted in exhaustion.. I wish I could have seen his cock, I'd have to get Nathan to describe it to me. A few seconds later, I heard the familar sound of a camera phone taking shots. Fuck, he was going to have pictures of us like this.

"Congratulations." He was clearly breathless as he spoke, coming into my eyeline. "You're on the tour. Leave the dress where you got it from. In the second drawer there's something for you both. Better get used to them before the tour." He grinned down at me, turning to go towards the door but stopping midway. "Fuck it." He came back to us and I heard the zipper of his fly open again. Seconds later I felt something warm hit my back. He was fucking pissing on us. I felt the spray move over my back and hit Nathan under me. It was as if he was marking his territory. "Sluts, my sluts." The spray stopped and before I couldcheck why his soft dick was in my face. "Open wide." I did as I was told, though I knew what was coming. He aimed the last spurt of piss into my open mouth, then wiped the last drops in my face. His piss was strong and I almost choked before swallowing.

"Congratulations again." He zipped up, turned and went, the door slamming shut behind him. I heard him on the phone once he got outside, but only managed to pick up one word before he was out of hearing range.


I waited a few minutes until it was clear he wasn't coming back before I got off Nathan. My body was sticky, but I didn't want to shower. Nathan probably would, though I wasn't going to unchain his wrists right away. I opened the second drawer, peering inside curiously. There were four things sitting in a row, all brown and each one with a name written on scraps of paper in front of it. I picked up Jepha's and Quinn's.

Best to start practising early.
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