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Lies my parents told me

I still can't believe I met Sean. I hate I have no pictures, but if I took my cam I'd have just hit him like I did Ian. Sigh. I'll have to find pics of them to do a mini-spam for people to know hwo they are.

I hate early mornings. bloodyhands is home now, though spent last night falling asleep:P

Mum found her divorce papers. I thought that dad had left before I was born, in early 86. It had always been implied that. The papers say they divorced in 84.

Does that mean the man I thought was my dad isn't my dad? Does it really matter as I've never met or even seen a photo of him?


I love Kylie's new song. I keep playing it and I know pretty much all of it. I'm thinking of using it as a fic plotline and being played in another cause it's given images.

Cause mum's been in here messing I haven't been writing like I wanted, which is sucky. I will now though. Once I've done this fic I'll do Sean/Blackout!Matthew and For The Fantasy.
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