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We Are The Dynamite

So tonight was all kinds of awesome, but I'll get to that soon.

Today was busy. I still couldn't find my keys (but mum did and they were in an obvious place which annoyed me) so I had to leave mum a note.

Got Kerrang. It's suitably eh apart from Gerard being such a wuss, Nathan looking perdy and Charlie. Next week there's a 30 Seconds poster (apparently they still haven't learned that it's a band) and other, better stuff.

Birmingham was suitable ripped of it's items. I think we broke bloodyhands's HMV and Waterstones discount:[ A full list of stuff will be up, with pictures, Friday. There's a load of cds though including It Dies Today and Thrice with dvds that include The Simpsons and Good Charlotte.

I got some mini's too. Although I didn't get many I got an awesome haul. Vader, leia and C-3P0/R2 < 333

She bought me the MCR calandar as a present from home, which makes me happy < 3

We ate at Yo Sushi which was much better this time cause they had more things for me. I ate loads, which is good I guess. I'm like Mikey, I could eat my whole body weight in the stuff.

When I go next week, I'm gonna get a skeleton hoodie (from Criminal Damage I think) or Ray's Black Parade jacket. I'll find pics later.

The gig was all kinds of awesome. I know a lot of you won't know who The Blackout are (and I hope to change that) but go see them if you can. Go on their Myspace and stuff to hear em.

The gig was smaller then I expected as the venue hadn't been upgraded as I thought. Still, twas very clear that they'll play bigger venues. I want to see them again, even though this is my third time and I'll see them at Taste of Chaos anyway.

Gods I love Welsh bands.

*Managing to work some of Madonna's Like A Virgin into the set (and Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl, but that's a minus)
*Sean saying 'We're just doing the same thing we do every night. Trying to take over the world.' < 3
*Sean being awesome and very very funny
*Sean's arms, gods
*Sean saying James will fuck anything
*Sean pointing his brother out at the merch stand (I didn't see him though) followed by him saying 'he has a massive cock'
*Matthew's (oh dear gods why is there ANOTHER one?) eyes following Sean the whole time. Tottally wanting him, especially when Sean was close. Who tops is a mystery
*Sean's hair being grabbed every time he went near the crowd, which made his hair all mmmm
*Sean saying at every chance that the cd was on sale
*Encore being My Generation

And then they did an aftershoww meet and greet/signing thing:
*Sean leaning on Matthew's shoulder
*Gareth being cool and nice, despite being scary looking sorta. He's nice to chat with
*Missing getting Gavin's and Matthew's sig's causa waiting to get near Sean
*Sean's tongue being unable to stay in his mouth
*Meeting Sean which is mmmm but at least I could speak.
*sean forgetting bout taste Of Chaos, then saying it outloud
*Sean saying he'll sign cock if it's in front of him

I got my ticket signed by James, Sean and Gareth. Which I consider very good. Not a perfect 6, but better then nothing. I got a tee too. I just wished I'd taken my cam cause I coulda got a pic with them. Curse ye mind for being too focused on key's.

I may do Sean/BlackoutMatthew fic. May meaning will.


Edit: As if the night wasn't good enough there's guh new Mikey pics and Kylie's new video for 2 Hearts *loves eet*
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