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I didn't bring the bodies

Any The used fans: I need help finding a oicture. It's from awhile back from before Bert died his hair. He's holding a chain and looking very... evil

I've got the poster somewhere, but the move's made it go AWOL, though I thought I'd put it up.

I had a dream last night involving Jared. It was strange. I'm not usually in my dreams but this one I was.

I totally need to go to Bromley around the MCR gig. The new Star Wars mini's are out then and I have to get the bull rancor cause it's so perdy. It'll be like before, with the Bounty Hunters set. I'll end up buying every box they have.

Yay for money for tomorrow coming. The post works < 3

I didn't expect so many people to respond to the poll I did last night. I didn't think so many people would vote for both either, which is good.

I've started a fic with the twins, which I hope to finish today. Then I'll finish For The Fantasy, which I've had selective block for.

Edit: I need The Blank Theory's album. I'm officially placing a bounty on it's head. Anyone that can find it me gets two fics with a pairing of their choice (even if it's Brendon/Ryan or Gerard/Frankie). Three if they can send the actual cd. (And four if it's the Japanese one)

it's noiw on it's way, thankie babu < 3
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