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Pairing: Gerard/Mikey
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Zombie sex, gore
Notes: Remember that Gerard painting? the one that's my icon *points* yep that inspired it (thnaks to sabotaged for reminding me). This is set in the same place as Twitch and Dead!. I might do another zombie fic, if so it'll be set in the same place as these three. The original idea of this was the Way's turning Frankie into a zombie. It changed cause... well, I didn't want to include Frankie.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, bloodyhands mrsvandertramp mikeyface the_glory_days

I let myself into the house I shared with my older brother, Gerard. It was 7pm, though the sky was still quite light and the weather warm."Hey Gee, I'm home!" I heard a noise from the basement and shook my head with a smile. When we'd lived in New Jersey he'd lived in the basement, so when we moved here he'd insisted we have one that he turned into an apartment/art studio. "You won't believe the day I've had at work today." I kept my voice loud enough for him to here, even though he'd probably not listen. Sometimes you just had to let it out, even if no one cared. "There's been another half dozen people admitted on my shift with those damn bite marks. That's 20 people so far this week."

I walked through the house, tossing my thin jacket onto the back of the couch and heading into the kitchen. "It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't keep disappearing. Bob says he doesn't understand where they keep going off to. I mean, we keep them sedated while they're recovering but it's just like... they get off and walk into the night." I flicked on the coffee machine, combing my fingers through my hair. I could hear movement downstairs, so I decided he'd need some coffee too. "Ray thinks it's a conspiracy, but he's a total wacko. He's got this idea that the Corporation's behind this, but he's just crazy. I mean, bites that deep can't be caused by humans. I reckon it's just some mad dogs on the loose. I just hope the cops start to take this seriously and look into it." I poured two cups of the black liquid, inhaling the scent. There was nothing like a fresh cup of coffee.

"Anyway, how was your day? Get any painting done?" I wasn't surprised when I recieved no answer. Whenever he strted painting or drawing it seemed like he blocked out the world. Maybe some coffee would bring him back to Earth. Taking a sip from my coffee, I headed to the doorway to the basement, noting how there were dark red stains on the wood of the door. I'd told him so many times to not get his paint everywhere, but he never seemed to listen. I climbed down the stairs carely, so as not to spill any of our precious coffee, then took in the sight of his studio. Canvas' of various sizes lined the walls, some blank, while others had images of a myriad of colours. Some were portraits, others landscapes. He also talked about working on a comic, though I'd never seen any sign of it. I figured he was just keeping it secret until it was done. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, I noticed that there were some more dark red splotches, this time randomly on his paintings.

"Gee?" I looked around the darkened room for any sign of him. He had to be down here as I'd heard him earlier. I took another few steps into the room, looking left and right for any sign of him. It was only when I trned around 360 degrees that I finally saw him right behind me. The sight of him causing me to spill both cups of coffee on the floor."Fuck, Gee, you scared the living shit outta me."

Gerard was standing there with red in his short, bleached blonde hair. His mouth was open wide, as if his jaw was stuck. His eyes were oddly clouded and dried blood was on his face in trails from his nose. More red was on his neck and hands.

"That's not funny Gee." I hit his arm lightly, which made him groan without his mouth closing. "You know I have to deal with people like this at work daily. Jesus Gee, it's not as if it's Halloween."

He took an unsteady step towards me, making a sound that was almost like growling. Why was he doing this? Had he flipped out? Had an accident? Was going to some fancy dress party?

He took another step, this one less unsteady, as if he was more sure of himself this time. Suddenly, I was afraid. "Gee?" He rammed me against the wall, his mouth still open wide. "Gee, this isn't funny.." He pressed his hips against mine, making the growling-like sound again. When I'd first saw his eyes I thought that he was wearing contacts, but with him so close I could tell he wasn't. "Gee... come on, I'll take you to hospital." I wanted to push him away so I could examine his body, try and find what was wrong with him.

Naturally my main concern was if he'd been bitten. I'd heard that patients who had been bought in by those they knew had exhibited strange behaviour, often with the apparent intent to harm. I tried to remember all the syptom's Bob had told me and how people combated them to bring them in.

Gerard's hips slammed against mine once more, but this time I felt his definate erection press against me. I wasn't sure why he wasn't wearing any pantts though. "Fuck..." One of his hands reached for my crotch and I felt him knead the material, then try and remove my tight pants. "Gee, stop..." I had to admit, his touch was making me hard, but I wanted him to stop. He needed help now, I could jack off later.

He grasped at the material, pulling it down forcefully, ripping my pants open as he did so. "Gerard!" I gasped, only able to watch as my pants fell down my legs to pool around my ankles. He pressed against me again, covering my lips with his own, hiis mouth still wide open. His tongue forced it's way into my mouth, his hand pulling my boxers down roughly. I closed my eyes, his hardness pressing against mine. This was wrong for so many reasons, but my brain wasn't registering them at all. His hands pulled my legs apart slightly and I felt him push his cock under my balls. Was he going to fuck me?

He pulled away from me, though he wasn't panting softly from lack of air like was. Strange. He pushed his cock against my ass, his hardness rubbing against my crack. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something move, like a shadow of someone against one of the paintings. I couldn't think about it though, as Gerard thrust into me roughly. I felt something tear from his roughness, blood coating his cock completely when he thrust back inside me. I moaned into the dark room, squeezing around him. I'd beeen fucked before, sure, but not like this. There was something... almost animalistic in the way he rammed into me. Something primal. It was as if his movements were caused by instinct rather than experience. I knew he'd had done it before though.

I reached between my legs, gripping my length and stroking it as steadily as I was able. Until I felt something bite into my neck.

That was when I knew we weren't alone.

I tried to see who, or what, it was that was tearing into my flesh, but Gerard wouldn't allow it. His lips were on my face again, his lower lip hit my chin while the upper was just below my nose. His tongue forced it's way into my mouth again and when I tried to push him away he wouldn't move. Just like before. All I could see of the other person was hair. It seemed mostly brown, though there was blonde. I tried to at least turn my head to look, but couldn't see. At least I knew it was a person. Whoever it was, they tore at my neck like a ravenous dog, ripping my skin and flesh from my body, making me scream into my brother's mouth. They moved from me a few seconds later, going behind Gerard. At first I thought they'd had their fill, but they appeared the other side of him, his lips and teeth covered in my blood. His eye looked like Gerard's, but... not somehow. His hair was brown, with a blonde bit which covered his other eye. I had absolutely no idea who this guy was, except he was beautiful. Though I was sure he looked a little vaguely familar, as if I'd seen him before.

He grinned at me, before dropping out of sight. I closed my eyes, feeling the blood run from my wound, staining my tee. I tried to block out the pain and try and focus on Gerard's hard member thrusting inside me, brushing against my spot. That was made easier when I felt a pair of lips wrap around my shaft, his mouth hungrily taking my shaft. I gripped onto his soft hair, enjoying the feeling of his bobbing head, despite his teeth grazing my length none too lightly. I tipped my head back against the wall, Gerard's head moving to rest on my shoulder. I wondered why his mouth still wasn't closed, he looked like that scream painting.

I reached for his chin with my spare hand, trying to push his mouth closed but I couldn't do it. As I'd thought a few moments before, his jaw seemed to be locked. I'd have tried harder to help him, but between his thrusting and the perdy boy's tongue trailing against my length I was too far gone to care. After a few more thrusts, I'd probably shoot into the boy's mouth.

He took me all the way to the base, his nose buried in my pubic hair. I was in heaven. Until he clamped his teeth down, making me scream in pain. Inexperienced guys would sometimes bite if there was a cock down their throats, but this wasn't that. He bit my dick like he'd done at my neck, with such a force that the organ was completely severed from my body. I felt my blood splatter over his face and I struggled more, kicking out with my legs as the pain shot through me.

I suceeded in hitting the boy in the chest, but he neither moved or made a sound. In fact he didn't react at all. Through teary eyes I could see him chewing on what was my length. I watched his bloodied throat as it moved, meaning he was swallowing. "Fuck..."

I felt a stinging warmth in my ass and knew Gerard had came, despite not making a sound. He pulled out of me and turned his head to look at the boy. I slumped against the wall, whimpering in pain, tears leaking from my eyes. This was all a bad dream, it had to be. Things like this just didn't happen. I reached for my boxers, bringing them to my crotch to stop the bleeding and attempt to cradle my balls.

I ahd to get out here, out to the hospital or at least the street. Someone would see me and help, wouldn't they? Shakily, I stood up, blood still pouring from my neck, though that didn't matter to me now. All that mattered to me was getting passed my big brother and this strange boy as quickly as I could. Thankfully, they were distracted by kissing. Though I had a feeling it wasn't kissing so much as the boy feeding gerard bits of me with his tongue. I shuddered at the thought and staggered towards the steps. I thought I was going unnoticed as I made it to the first step with getting their attention.

I raised my foot to place it on the first step and felt him bite my ankle, trearing more flesh from my bones. That bastard. I crashed to the floor like the proverbial tree in the woods. It didn't stop me from trying to get out though. I regained my breath and pulled myself along the floor, kicking the boy in thee face with my good leg when he tried to bite me again. I left a trail of blood and cum leaking from my ass, my arm out stretched for the stairrail. I knew if I grabbed that I could pull myself up and maybe get out.

Gerard came into view, his face looking even worse now as my blood covered it. He bought his foot down on my hand and I could hear something snap followed by more pain. I knew it was pointless to try and get out now. If I reached with my other hand he'd do the same and I wouldn't be able to stand without some form of balance. "Gee... please, you've got to get off my hand and let me go."

He looked at me, his eyes and face still blank, but I could tell he was thinking something. Having a better view of him now, I could see he'd been bitten on his thigh, as there was more blood then there would be just from our fucking and a clear wound.He lifted his foot from my hand, allowing me just enough time to bring it to my chest before his foot collided with my face. I had just enough time to remember where I'd seen that boy before.

He was in one of Gerard's paintings.

That was the last thought in my heead, before my world turned to darkness.
Tags: afi, fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, jade puget, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, zombie series
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