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I was once a werewolf, but I'm alright now

I think my birthday has become an oppotunity for mum to overcompensate. I haven't really asked her for anything specific (mostly cause she seems to be asking what I want and I say) but if everything she's hinted at (and outright said) adds up then she's spent over £100. A lot over.

After The Blackout I'll take some pics of the stuff I got from the gig (ad Madina Lake) added with all the stuff bloodyhands has bought me and the signed The Blackout album.

I'm still seeing Resident Evil Extinction Friday, cause downloads hate me. I'd see with babu but know she's not interested.

Today been oki. I hate Job Center days cause I'm always made to get stuff and thusly tired. Still I got loadsa Pepsi, pasta things and those jelly dolphins I love so much.

I've thought about what I'm going to do/try and get on my birthday. I'll definately be going to Birmingham, seeing Stardust and getting Domino'spizza for dinner.

In Birmingham I'll be looking for a few main things: Umbrella Corporation bag, The Phantom Hourglass, The Alchemy Index (unless I go somewhere in the week before) and Star Wars battlefront figures. Those are the main, definatee things I want. All else is optional unless Forbidden Planet has a Hailfire Droid, cause that'd be awesome. (Or an AAT... or the new figs...). Seperatist droids FTW! If they have the topless Anakin in early I might die.

The week aafter we'll be going to Wolverhampton, so that'll be getting Hostel 2 and clearing out their Forbidden Planet. :P

The people that sent The Blackout cds answered my e-mail, so... yay! Cd'll be on it's way soon.

YAY FOR CAPTAIN JACK BEING IN SEASON 4! Gay kissage this time kay?

I'm gonna finish the Waycest fic after laying down for awhile, cause my joints hurty.
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