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I am a snake....

Thanks to everyone who comemented/IM'd earlier. She's tried to make it better since, but I'm not buying it. I hate that stress is making her worse then normal. I've remained holed up here since.

I've started editing my info banners. The first one's done and up already. The other's I'll do later.

I've got Poison The Well on repeat cause I'm in the mood. I like their stuff. Like/love. It's bleak. This is why I get soundtracks.

I've wrote bits to fic, but can't seem to keep the inspiration.

I'm going to go warm now.

Fic previews ahoy, cause I can.

For The Fantasy: Shannon Leto/Jared leto/Tomo Milicevic: Tomo's POV

"Do it." He growled, his eyes dark. I had a feeling if I didn't, he'd make me and he wouldn't do what I wanted. I unzipped my fly, pulling out my hardness and moving between Jared's spread legs. Shannon pulled Jared's legs up to his body, holding his knees close to his chest so I could enter him better.

I aimed my length for his twitching pucker, glancing briefly at Shannon before I slammed my hips forward, forcing my dick inside him. I bit my lip, moaning softly at his tightness. Of course my thrust stired him from his slumber, his eyes instantly wide. "What the..." One of Shannon's strong hands was clamped across his mouth, silencing him.

"Silence little brother." I felt Shannon's eyes turn on me. "Fuck him harder."

Untitled 1: Gerard Way/Mikey Way: Mikey's POV

Gerard's hips slammed against mine once more, but this time I felt his definate erection press against me. I wasn't sure why he wasn't wearing any pantts though. "Fuck..." One of his hands reached for my crotch and I felt him knead the material, then try and remove my tight pants. "Gee, stop..." I had to admit, his touch was making me hard, but I wanted him to stop. He needed help now, I could jack off later.

He grasped at the material, pulling it down forcefully, ripping my pants open as he did so. "Gerard!" I gasped, only able to watch as my pants fell down my legs to pool around my ankles. He pressed against me again, covering my lips with his own, hiis mouth still wide open. His tongue forced it's way into my mouth, his hand pulling my boxers down roughly. I closed my eyes, his hardness pressing against mine. This was wrong for so many reasons, but my brain wasn't registering them at all. His hands pulled my legs apart slightly and I felt him push his cock under my balls. Was he going to fuck me?

Untitled 2: Mikey Way/girl!Mikey: Mikey's POV

The drive home was short and fairly silent. He spent the trip gazing out the window at the world whizzing past, while I was too busy concentrating on the road to say or do anything. Once I pulled up outside, I broke the lack of activity, leaning over and planting my lips on his, pushing my tongue between his soft lips and into his warm mouth. I bought my hands up to hold onto him, twirling my tongue inside his mouth, exploring the new territory. I'd only kissed my brother before now, so it felt strange to be kissing him, but he seemed content to let me take complete control.

After a few moments, we parted for air, then silently got out of the car and I led him inside. With my hand in his, I tugged him upstairs, up into the bedroom I shared with my brother. Occupying the center of the room was a large double bed. The only other piece of furniture in the room was a large closet along one wall. Surrounding the bed were three cameras on tripods, one on either side and one at the end. "Strip and get on the bed pretty. Oh and keep those fishnets on."

Untitled 3: Paul Thomas/Billy Martin/Frankie Iero: Frankie's POV

"Well, well, what have we here?" He smirked and then his wet, pink tongue swiped over his lower lip. "Strip little one." As he said that he thrust again into Billy.

For a moment I was frozen in place, unable to do anything apart from staring with my mouth agape. "Now don't make me stop fucking pretty Billy here," he thrust his hips then. "just to make sure you do as I ask."

Slowly I grabbed at the base of my t-shirt, slowly pulling it up and over my head before casting it aside. He purred very softly at the sight, running one hand along Billy's spine. "Another sexy little tattooed boy." His tongue fluttered over his lips as he thrust into Billy again. "And you have far more then little Billy here." I blushed slightly, merely nodding slightly as I unzipped my fly, pushing my jeans down my legs to the floor. My boxers followed soon after, falling down to my feet, where I stepped out of them. He licked his lips again as he looked over my now naked body, his hips still thrusting deep inside Billy's ass as he spoke. "Got a name?"

Untitled 4: Bob Bryar/Sawa Bob's POV

"There, now that's much much better." Instantly her fingers were out of my ass making me whimper slightly at the loss. Clearly she heard as she licked at my neck, nipping at my skin as she spoke. "Don't worry, you'll be filled again soon. By something much bigger then just my fingers." Her hands trailed back up over my chest, stopping only to pinch at my nipples again before they slipped behind my neck and untied the blindfold. As the material slipped away I blinked my blue eyes to adjust to the new, flickering light, which seemed to be mostly provided by candles. As she stepped back from my body I gazed over her body to get a proper look at her. She wasn't exactly as I'd pictured her, in fact the image I'd come up with was way off. Her hair was past her shoulders and bright, neon pink. She had tattoo's on her ars and around her neck, but I couldn't quite make out what they were in this light. Her slim fingers were tipped in black polished nails. She wore a tight, black, leather outfit, which had a v-slit down the front designed to show off the curves of her chest. Although I couldn't see below he waist, I could tell she wasn't wearing anything down there. She was so gorgeous I couldn't take my eyes off her to look around the room.

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