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Never make it back

There's a sole good thing about today: Madina doing a tour in January.

I hate mum. Does she spend her days thinking of how to make me miserable? Today she's:
*Moaned at me for not being fast enough to wake
*Made me feel bad about eating
*Moaned about little bits of Lego being on the table which are so small they take up hardly any room. So I move the Lego AT-AT and Yoda and she moans I moved em.
*Moaned about the boxes of dvds, then moaned more when I'd emptied them and bout em in here.
*Generally being a bitch

So now the bed I'd half cleared and the one I sleep in are both covered in stuff causa her. Meh.

I'm not eating tonight. I'm not going to the Job Center tomorrow either. I'll call in sick or something. If I go she'll moan at me to get food or some crap. Although I don't have any drink.

I'm gonna move the crap now. Maybe write about something beautiful being torn apart.

I think I'll download Resident Evil Extinction cause I don't trust leaving ehr alone with my stuff.
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