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You've lost your mind

Mum's so insanely tactless. Stop moaning how we've got no food (especially when we've got plenty) cause that only makes me feel bad the few times I do eat. This is like that time she decided a good present for me would be a set of knives. In what universe is it a good idea to get someone that you know is a cutter knives?


I still vote she needs a therapist.

Today I'm gonna move stuff off bed cause I didn't do it yesterday. Bed was far too comfy. Stupid bed. I really need to get that heater thing.

Two weeks till my birthday. Can't I get the presents and not get a year older? We're going to Birmingham, getting the things I want, seeing Stardust, then orderin in Dominos.

Anyway, I said I'd do a ficlist thing and here it is. It isn't the complete list of standalones I've had ideas for (that was post ages ago) this is just the list of the main ones I wanna finish soonish.

Fics open now
Insomniatic Meat (Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Patrick Stump)
Pandora (Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone, Matthew Leone/Sean Smith)
Untitled (Gerard Way/Mikey Way)
Untitled (Shannon Leto/Jared leto/Tomo Milicevic)

Unfinished standalones
Untitled (Frankie Iero/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas)
Untitled (Bob Bryar/Sawa)
Untitled (Matthew Leone/Jeff Angel)
Untitled (Mikey Way/girl!Mikey)

Unfinished multi-part fics
Obsession (Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way)
My Body is Your Body (Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith)
The Time Of Our Lives (MCR)

Fics that just have a plot but haven't been started
Enter Shikari (Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith)
Guys Like Us In Prison (Bob Bryar/Oli Sykes)
Mama (Mikey Way/Gerard Way/Omar Abidi)
Today We Learn About Oral (Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin)
Watcher sequel (Ray Toro/Mikey Way/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone)
Untitled (Pete Wentz/Hemmingway)
Untitled (Zacky Vengeance/Oli Sykes)
Untitled (Gerard Way/Kazuo Kiriyama)
Untitled (Ray Toro/various)
Untitled (Bert Mccrcraken/[at least Madina twins and probably Sean, maybe others from The used too])
Untitled (Jepha Howard/undecided)
Untitled (Jay James/undecided)
Untitled (Undecided pairing)
Untitled (Something with Russell Howard, suggestions please)
Untitled (Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck)
Untitled (Dalek!Sec/Jack Harkness)
Untitled (Patrick Stump/Will Beckett)
Untitled (Centaur!Patrick)
Untitled (MCR)
Untitled (Jay James/Bob Bryar, Jay James/rest of Bullet)
Untitled (Travis Barker/Smosh boys)

Probably won't be finished
All Mcfly fics (though that should be obvious)
The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah
The Hunt
What To Do With the Dead

One of the standalones I have open now will be finished today. And yes, I know there's a few undecided's, that's cause I... well haven't decided yet.

And thee Mikey's back. Woo!
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