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Singing songs about the sea

It's been so long since I've been near the sea. I haven't seen it in over a year now. For some reason that bothers me.

I've lost the digibox remote. Bah.

Today's been ehish. I woke up at half ten and spent most of the next hour trying to find a lead for my portable dvd player and write. The Roadrunner Roadrage dvd is here, which I'm gonna watch tomorrow.

I finished fic literally minutes before I had to leave.

Nan was alright. I'm sure she recognised us/me because she cried a few times. We had chips and some cake. The time went so fast though. We were there 3 hours and it didn't feel like it. The home gave us a cake though, but only after we got out the one we'd bought.

The way back was a pain cause it was a nice day, so we decided to walk home. An hour long walk it is normally apparently. It took almost two though. We saw a few squirrels though. They didn't run till we were right next to them every time.

As soon as I got in, I fell asleep cause I was so tired. I only just woke up.

I know I've got something else to ramble about, but I can't remember. Stupid brain cell.
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