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Pairing: Ray/Mikey, Mikey/Matthew Leone
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Smut
Notes: I was meant to finish this last night, but I fell asleep. Eep. Originally Matthew was going to be Gerard, but when I started writing Matthew seemed better.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, bloodyhands mrsvandertramp mikeyface but especially the_glory_days who got me into the whole Ray/Mikey thing.

He always liked to watch. When we performed, I felt his eyes follow me around the stage. During interviews and photo shoots, he would watch me, listening intently to anything I said. While we were on the tour bus I would purposely lick my lips as I was reading to tease him. He'd always excuse himself to go and jack off.

He also loved to watch while I had sex. It didn't matter if I was the one fucking or being fucked, he'd watch. Some people would be put off by Ray's behaviour but I wasn't. It actually turned me on, which is why I let him watch. I always made sure he had a key to my hotel room, which wasn't too hard as we often shared a room. Most guys failed to notice the big-haired guitarist sitting in a darkened corner.

The free that did notice him had three reactions: they disentangled their body from mine and left, usually accompanied by yelling on the guys part, they smirked or smiled at him and just carried on, or they gestured for him to join us. If it was the later Ray would join in, slipping his sizeable cock into my ass or between my lips depending on my position.

If it was a guy I'd been with twice, Ray would often film as well as watch. Especially if he knew the guy would let him join.

Tonight was one of the last days of Projekt Revolution and I'd managed to lure a pretty young boy back to the hotel. I didn't know much about the blonde haired boy, except his name was Matthew and he was from a band called Madina something. I knew he had a twin in the band though and throughly intended to get with him at a later date. Maybe even get them together. I'd always wanted a threesome with twins.

I broke a kiss to pull his t-shirt over his head, exposing his chest. I took a moment to gaze over his skin, licking my lips and running my fingertips over it. His body was slim and didn't have a single hair. The upper half of his left arm was tattooed, but I wasn't going to waste time trying to work out what it was. I planted my lips on his neck, suckling on the skin while my hands unzipped his fly. He was moaning softly, one of his hands in my hair, the other trailing down my back. "Are you a top or a bottom Matthew?" I asked, breathing the words into his ear, squeezing his bulge lightly.

"Erm..." My actions seemed to be making all his blood travel to his erection, which was the point.

"Let me put it this way then." I flicked my tongue along his ear love. "Do you want to lay me on the bed with my legs spread wide and your hard, aching cock thrusting in and out of my tight, clenching hole?"

When I was in the mood to do the fucking, I'd use a different line entirely. Tonight, though, my ass needed attention and not the kind that resulted in me being unable to sit for the next day. Taking Toro's cock usually did that to you.

He nodded, moaning softly in arousal at the images I'd given him, his hips thrusting against my hand. "Mmmhmm, that's it big boy." I opened his jeans, pulling down his boxers enough so I could stroke him. I wrapped my fingers around his dick, tugging on his length slowly. I didn't want him to cum too soon. I kissed him again, slipping my tongue into his mouth as my free hand pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs. I stared into his blue eyes, thinking how beautiful the black-rimmed orbs were. They looked so like Bob's, maybe it was a Chicago thing. I hoped they shared other traits as well.

Deciding to take charge, he pushed me back in the room towards the double bed, stepping out of his clothing as he did so. As we moved, his tongue pushed forcefully between my lips, exploring my mouth more eagerly then he had before. I moved my hand from his cock so he could push his lips against mine, choosing to grope his ass instead. His fingers moved to my t-shirt, griping at the material and pulling it up over my thin frame. I could feel Ray's eyes on me when he exposed my pale skin.

Matthew pushed me back slightly, breaking the kiss to remove the tee from my body, throwing it across the room out of sight. We kissed again, our tongues twirling around each other once more. I knew if my tee landed near Ray, he'd bring it to his face to inhale my scent. I was about to glance over at him to check, but Matthew pushed me onto the bed before I could. He certainly was eager. He nudged my legs apart with his knee, his fingers stroking the bare skin of my chest. He pulled away from my lips, panting softly as he looked over my body. He circled my nipples, then pinched them both lightly, all the while grinding his hips against mine causing soft moans to pass my lips. His fingers moved lower as his lips returned to my body, kissing down my chest lightly. He undid my fly swiftly, tugging the material of my pants down my body while his tongue circled each of my nipples in turn. His teeth lightly grazed the hardened bud while he pulled my own boxers down, exposing my sharp hips, hard dick and soft balls to him.

Again he pulled back, but only so he could remove my pants and shoes, then undo and remove his own. After a few moments, he was done and back between my legs. He bought two of his slender fingers to his lips, suckling them both into his mouth. I watched, enthralled by his actions. His lips were gliding along his digits, easily taking both of them. Gods, I bet he was an amazing cock sucker.

He removed his wet fingers, bringing them to the cleft of my ass. He found my hole easily, pushing his middle finger inside me. I moaned softly, tipping my head back as it filled me. After a few fucks from Ray, my hole had become used to being filled and so was easier to open up. Matthew must have realised that as his finger was quickly joined by another, the pair thrusting slowly into me. "Does that feel good?" I nodded, moaning softly again as he started to steadily spread them. "I'm not hurtng am I?" I shook my head, which made him spread them slightly more. I'd been with guys before and some didn't bother even asking anything like that. Ok, so some of them did know I could take Ray, but it was nice to be at least asked. He thrust his fingers deep within me, brushing against my spot, causing my whole body to arch up. He twisted his fingers, brushing the tips over my spot and making my body raise up again, my hardness leaking precum.

He clearly noticed, bending at his waist to lap the droplets from my head, extending his tongue to trace a vein down to the base of my shaft. He was definately giving me head before he left this room. The soft muscle moed from my erection, over my soft balls and down to my crack. Once between my cheeks, he extended his tongue more, tracing down the cleft to where his fingers were thrusting inside me. His fingers moved down sliightly, holding my ring open for his exploring tongue. "Fuck..." I breathed softly as he lapped at my walls, my eyes lidding. And he asaid he hadn't really been with a guy before. Bullshit.

I felt him slip out a few moments later, his breath hot on my ass. "Are you just going to watch then?" I wasn't sure when he'd noticed Ray especially when I hadn't even seen him yet.

"For now."

Matthew's tongue trailed up over my crack again, lapping lightly at my taint. "You're content to just watch and jack off?"


"Alright." Matthew stood up slowly, giving my hard dick a slow lick as he did so and removed his fingers from me. I opened my eyes to watch him, feeling his head against my entrance. From the expression on his pretty face, I could tell he'd decided to bury his fingers elsewhere. I watched him, confused, as I knew Ray wouldn't fuck him. He never fucked any of the other guys. Except Bob. And Gerard once. I was about to open my mouth to tell him it was pointless, but as I did he thrust forward. With just that one thrust he was buried completely inside me. He was moaning loudly, just as I was. I tried to decide who was making more noise, though it was obviously him. He rocked back and forth, his dick moving in and out of me with every rough movement. I wished I was able to see how fast his fingers were moving, though I guessed they were just pushed deeply within him as his right arm wasn't really moving. His left hand was gripping onto my hip, using it as leverage for his thrusts. He didn't try to stroke my length and I wasn't going to either just yet, prefering instead to concentrate on his thrusts. He angled every second one at a slightly differently each time, clearly to try and hit my spot again. I squirmed beneath him to help him, clenching my walls around him when his head slammed close to it. When he did hit it, I tipped my head back against the pillow and cried out his name.He pulled out, then slammed against it once more, which made me grasp for the bedsheets. At the third time I raised my hips up again. There was no forth time though.

I looked down at him when he pulled out completely. He climbed up onto the bed, kissing my neck lightly before he sat up. Now I knew why he'd pulled out and been fingering himself this whole time. With one hand on the base of my length and the other on my chest he sat down, quickly impaling himself on my length. I'd never had a guy on me like this before and it was really quite strange. Strange, but oh so good. He started to ride me steadily, releasing my length when he'd established a rhythm. He took one of my hands in mine, bringing it up to his length. It was clear what he wanted. I wrapped my fingers around him, stroking him as best I could considering his movements.

I looked over to see if Ray had agood view, but the chair he must have been seated in was vacated. The only sign he'd even been sitting there were stains of his sweat on the material of the chair cushions.

I vaguely felt something at my asshole, but was too caught up in Matthew again to notice. That was until I felt Ray really push against me. I knew it was him cause there's no way it could be anything else. I was just able to look over Matthew's shoulder to catch sight of some of the curls of Ray's hair before he buried himself within me. Thanks to Matthew's fucking, it didn't hurt as much as it normally did. His strong hands lifted my legs up, hooking them over his shoulders. He often felt the need to do that while we were fucking alone.

Matthew was now practically bouncing on my dick. Through my half-lidded eyes I could see Ray's palms stroking his chest, paying special attention to his nipples. Matthew's eyes squeezed even tighter and moaned louder as one of Ray's fingers pushed into him beside my length. His ass clenched tighter around me and I could just about hear Ray whisper into his ear. "Come on pretty boy, you know you want to cum over Mikey here." I could just about see his tongue dart out over Matthew's lobe when he said my name. "He wants it too, can't you tell from the way his little body's squirming." He thrust deep inside me again, hitting my spot easily, making me moan incoherently. "I'm sure he'd beg you for it if he could." Ray's finger twisted beside me, his palm pushing against my balls. "Be a good boy and shoot."

Matthew's insides squeezed my length and I knew that he was there. His head was tipped back, exposing his neck which Ray was now kissing and his hips jerked forward as he exploded. His first blast hit me right on the cheek. Each subsequent shot of his creamy fluid splashed landed on my chest. Ray's finger slipped from Matthew's hole, allowing his still twitching insides to milk my length.

"Lick him." Ray pushed Matthew's body down against mine, his words almost a growl from above. I could see his fingers tangled within Matthew's striped hair. he panted against me, extending his tongue to collect the cum that had landed on my face. "Now kiss him." Matthew's lips met mine again, his tongue pushing it's way lazily into my mouth, allowing me to taste his seed. I was close now, with Ray concentrating on his thrusts more, making each one faster and harder. I moaned into Matthew's mouth, shooting deep inside the boy.

Seconds later, thanks to my tightened hole, Ray came too. He panted above us, slowly removing himself from my body and releasing his grip on Matthew's hair. I made a mental note to tell him later that tonight was the best sex of my life.

Me and Matthew continued to lazily kiss, with his slim fingers trailing along my sides until I heard Ray's voice. "Eat each other out." Matthew pulled from my lips and crawled on the bed until his round ass was in my face. It was, like the rest of him, beautiful. Except for the strange frog tattoo on his left cheek, that was just odd. Still, I bought my hands to his cheeks, holding them apart so I could get a good look at his wet hole. There was always something strangely beautiful and arousing about a freshly fucked asshole. Esspecially if, like Matthew's, it was oozing cum. Unable to just look at it it any longer, I buried my tongue inside him, just as he did the same to me. Our tongue's explored each other's assses, lapping at the walls and collecting all the salty cum that had so recently been shot inside us.

We spent several minutes like that, until we were both sure there was nothing left for our eager tongues. Satisfied we were done and desperate for air, we parted from each other, Matthew moving so we lay beside each other. Ray must have been jerking off as his chest was covered in a few sticky splatters when he approached us. Laying on the opposite side of me to Matthew, I dipped a finger into the sticky mess, bringing it to my lips and suckling it clean. I'd have offered some to Matthew, but he'd had his fill of Toro cum for now. That and he had fallen asleep, with his head resting against my chest and an arm draped over my belly.

"That was... intense." I whispered, so as not to disturb the sleeping boy.

Ray smirked at my words, planting a kiss on my cheek before purring into my ear. "Thank how it'll be with two of them."
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