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Just surviving

Last night was eh. After the post I just spent all my time in bed, until there was another hourish-long fight. I ended up online though, after being unable to crack open a razor.


Being online wasn't much better cause I was still pretty pissed/low so it was kinda pointless in the end.

So far this morning's been fifty/fifty. I've been up bout half hour and the post finally delivered what I was waiting for. They sent both The Blackout singles and album together which is annoying as I'd expected them to be seperate. Still, signed stuff is good. The only thing is they've been very stupid. I was meant to get both CD 1 and CD 2 of the single, but they've sent CD 1 twice.

That means I've got to either moan at them to send CD 2 or order it off HMV (cause even Birmingham didn't have both versions).

Kerrang makes everything better though:
*The pics for the 30 Seconds interview (although mostly Jared) are clearly recent as Shan has more hair and Tomo has lost the facical hair (compared to the Kerrang! Awards poster)
*There's a full page ad for the tour (it scares me that they'll be joint second band I'll have seen most when I go to that gig, equal with The Blackout, which have a full page ad the other page)
*The Madina twins look very pretty in the interview pics (is it wrong that I can now see minor differences between them apart from just the hair?). They mention the nude fight again and Nathan drinking piss. Best thing though is that they do show skin. Matthew has a very nice ass (cheek)
*Bert with a cig is hot (and I'm glad the Fightstar postr isn't back to back with The Used one)
*Madina's in next week. It seems they've become the new MCR being in every issue (though next week's posters are eh)

I'm going to multiple tours next year cause it weirds me out that I'll have seen 30 Seconds and the Blackout 4 times by Feb. So if Lostprophets, Bullet, Fightstar, Madina, The Used... announce a tour, I'm there.

Cause everyone else is doing it:

Halloween Meme
acherrysunset puts fake eyeballs in your pumpkin
antontobias86 tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
azrielen devours the entire neighbourhood's cutlery
fastbetty31 eats bloodyhands's spicy, spicy brains.
imyournobody sacrifices mikeyface's socks
kellysaysrawrrx carves fastbetty31's effigy in the medium of candy
megan23451 calls acherrysunset to let them know the psycho killer's in the basement
mikeyface haunts your Wings Greatest Hits
mrsvandertramp dresses up as azrielen
sabotagedsabotaged creates an unholy monstrosity from bloodyhandsbloodyhands, sabotagedsabotaged and mrsvandertrampmrsvandertramp
shebangsthedrum shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
LJ Name

I'm gonna move things/read things/write now.

Edit: Why's the number of icons on GJ gone from 2000 to 100? I hope it goes back soon.

Oh crossbow1, how does one person manage to be so irritating?
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