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So what's the craziest thing you've done lately?

I got lotsa pizza, pepsi and the Animated Boba Fett figure today. Yay for shopping. Also got some pasta things, which are good to snack on when I don't wanna cook. Plus they're filling.

I'm glad I got Boba. he was the only one and they only had two other new figs out, the rest being the last wave so yay. He was the one from this wave I wanted most, so any others I get'll just be cause they have a few drum/piece of bar/is a droid.

Mum's back. First thing she does when she gets in? Moan. Second thing? Moan. I could go on like that all day.

She bought back a unicorn though, which is good. Still hate her constant moaning.

I started another two standalones, which I didn't wanna do really. I started one last night and one when I got back. So now I have five fics open, but I think the three standalones are the ones which'll be done first.

*Standalone 1 (possible title 'Watcher'): Mikey/Ray, Mikey/others: Ray watches mikey
*Standalone 2 (working titled For The Fantasy): Shannon/Jared/Tomo: Shannon and Tomo rape Jared
*Standalone 3 (no title yet): Gerard/Mikey: Zombie sex (cause sabotaged reminded me I was gonna do one with Gerard)
*Non-Standalone 1 (Insomniatic Meat Part 2): Matthew/Nathan, Matthew/Nathan/Patrick: Torture
*Non-Standalone 2 (Pandora Part 2): Matthew/Nathan, Matthew/Sean, Matthew/Patrick: Smut

I'm off now though to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC, but I hope to have one of those standalones done tonight.

Before I go though, is there any Hiro porn?
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