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Stars shine

Just a quick post before going to the station.

My Sims is love and brilliant.


1. Did you watch L.A. Ink? If so, how did you feel about it?

Nope and I'm likely not gonna either.

2. Have you ever had any strange dreams involving the band? Share your most recent.

Strange, no. perverted, yes. Though I can't remember my last one so nyeh (cept there was cum in Ray's fro). other one's have involved horses, unicorns, vibrators or Pete.

3. Do you have your own set of nicknames for each member?

Not really. I call Gerard Gee, Ray Fro boy and Frankie Fred.

4. Is there one metaphorical lyric that really makes you think?

Well, I'm shot on time with this one, so I'll think and add one in later.

5. Do you think Bobert stays in Chicago on breaks?

Sometimes. I mean, I'm sure he goes abck to see his family there but I don't think he stays too long. Well, that and to see the pretty boys (Chicago has a lot: FOB, Madina... Bob...)


1. Which bandom boy is most likely to regularly read fan fiction, and who is most likely to write it?

Gerard I think would read, Mikey and Spencer write.

2. What is their OTP?

Gerard: Waycest, Mikey: Waycest, Spencer: Erm....

3. Most likely to say he hates it while secretly hoping more people will write his favorite pairing?

Ray and Spencer

4. True/False: Pete wishes you would write more Pete/Patrick?


5. True/False: Brendon Urie loves to read GSF stories?

Probably, he seems sluttish but I EH him so nyeh
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