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We're friends?

Ah, I've loved today. I's been a nice change of pace. No mad rushing for trains and shoppin yay!

Although there was a 'wardrobe malfunction' with my MCR trousers as the button popped off. Bah. Thankfully it's so tight so they didn't fall off.

I met bloodyhands at Birmingham station and we've spent the day doing various things. Namely abusing discounts. I got My Sims, The New Essential Guide To Alien Species and a load of other stuff. Including Berth so yay. Ah the joys of having stuff spent on me for early birthday.

She's so sweet < 3

Gamestation have awesome Resident Evil stuff with the Umbrella Corporation logo. There's a wallet, sweat band and bag. I got the band and I'll get the bag with my birthday money.

Forbidden Planet has the Umbrella Academy. And it's recommended too, so if there's one near you, go get it.

I hate that I wasn't able to get ilan's Drummer issue. It's already changed to the next month. Bah.

Then there was Madina. We got free stickers and mobile charm things. Yay for free stuff. I got the hoodie, black tee and bag set.

My American Heart were the best of the supports I think. Maybe that's cause they've got a Japanese guitarist.

Madina were awesome. Matthew wouldn't stay still and Nathan kept saying we were their best friends and how music was more important then fame. For River People they all came on in perdy masks. Yay for them playing it cause it's my fav, though with only the one album it's not like they wouldn't play it. They were amazing and I'll totally see them again next tour.

The O2 Arena is the Millenium Dome.

So, today was a nice day and good times were had by all.
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