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Burn from beneath the skin

I had to have a cry while I was outside earlier. Stupid year, with it's stupid... horribleness. I'm trying to see if this year has been the worst year of my life. I think, with gigs and stuff, I've managed to balance it out. Just about.

Watching the last Mock the Week made me sad too. Cause it's the last one. Still I have images of Russell's nipples and him pissing so...

I'm practically ready for tomorrow. Cept I dunno where my Madina tee is, so I'll go through the tee drawer soon. Found my Black Parade trousers though.

The bed's still messy, but the big things are gone off it so it shouldn't be too hard to empty.

I've made a list in my ickle sheep notebook of things to look out for. Things included range from House Of The Dead 2 to Drummer magazine and Pokemon.

Mum's spent today laying new flooring in the kitchen, so it looks a bit messy. She feels it's home now though.

Tomorrow I'll be offline pretty much all day. I'll be up and out by 9:45 to get the 10:05 train. There'll probably be a trip back during the day to drop stuff off though. the good thing bout Madina finishing at 10 is that'll we'll have an hour to stalk them. The train nearest the end time is 5 past and we'll miss that so it's best to come on the last train at 11:20.

Kerrang's eh. Next week's is better though. Perdy posters/Madina.
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