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Silver shadows

Hiro=the most adorable thing ever. I'll say no more though cause I'd end up spoiling it for someone no doubt. I ended up watching the ep on BBC 3 as well as the two on 2. Normally I don't watch ones on 3 but last night I had to.

I hate that I'm awake. It's now half 8 and I'm awake. Normally I don't wake proper tiill 10ish. Why'd mum choose today to be annoying and wake me?

She's annoyed me even more cause there was £2000 put in myy account a few months back. The first half of it got wittled down on getting a new fridge/freezer, hiring a moving van and various other stuff. Then the other £1000 wasn't needed so I decided to use some of it. After all, it was next gonna be used sometime next year so I had the time to put some back right?

Wrong. First mum screws it up by having spent £400 in the nearest clothes shop (but I'll bet she's never weared any of the stuff more then once) but I stalled her. Now she wants it and £400 more causa stupid bills and a carpet thing.

I can't say I've used cause she'd go mad and I'd not have here. But at the same time I don't have what she wants. I've tried not to worry and focus on Madina, but she has to wake up doesn't she?

Cut to me buying lottery tickets/scratchcards tomorrow.

I'm gonna have to get a fan heater next time I go into town cause the cold's just annoying now.

I'm gonna go back to bed.
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