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Welcome to the ice box of the universe

It's so freezing. Why couldn't it have stayed warm like it was a few weeks back? When there were butterflies outside and you could go out without a hoodie on.

No post still which makes me eh. I now have three things on the way that haven't come. Knowing my luck they'll all come Friday when I'm not here.

Kerrang wasn't at the Co-Op either. Not that I'm too bothered about it. i'll use the money to go buy more Pepsi later and get Kerrang Friday.

My tooth/teeth feels better slightly so yay!

I'm sure I'll be tired by the time Friday's done. If only causa HMV's millions of stairs. I guess I could use the exercise though.

I've a list of things to look out for while I'm in Birmingham. It includes My Sims, Poison The Well's and Thrice albums, plus any new Star Wars figures. I hate that most of the new stuff isn't meant to be there till Sunday, but I hope someone stupid has put them out early. I'm sick of seeing the A New Hope wave everywhere.

Plus there's looking for the usual magazines that only Borders seems to get and any new/cheap stuff in The Entertainer. And any Pocketmodels/Doctor Who cards/Zelda cards/minis I see.

Anyway, I'm going back to moving things around and randomly writing little bits.

Edit: mcr_hardcore

I hate I just spent the better part of an hour going to Wryley to find out there's no pepsi. WTF? No Kerrang either so it's a shipping thing again. I've got Sprite though.
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