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Cause one day soon this will all be yours, and I'm sorry for this mess

Dear postman: please bring the stuff I'm expecting tomorrow. I was hoping they'd come today, but alas, no.

Thankfully tomorrow's Kerrang is eh so I'm ok with not running out and buying it as soon as I wake.

The second bed in here is now half empty. The 'head' of my Clockwork man figure's still missing. For some reason my dvd player refuses to play the second disc of Buffy Season 2, even though it's fine.

Goddess bless youtube for having Blue Harvest up already. And all the TARDISODEs. I watched the former last night and the latter this afternoon. Blue Harvest (aka the Family Guy Star Wars ep) is brilliant and so funny. I hope they do the rest of the series, though I doubt they will.

3 days till Madina. I'll probably go at either 9:45 (to get into Birmingham at 10:40) or 10:45 (11:40). Normally I'd consider going so early to be a waste of time, since I normally go after 12. But since I'm meeting bloodyhands I figure get there early to show her around. By that I mean the Bullring/Forbidden Planet mostly.

I'm already on the second bottle of Pepsi, which means I'll have to go get more at some point. Maybe I could ask my dumbass uncle to get some when he finally comes to sort the shelves.

Yeah, like I'd call him.

I hate both how cold it is and how annoying my teeth are being. there's this pain in them that won't go away. It's to my right and mostly in the top. I can't pinpoint where it's coming from though. It hurts most when I'm eating/trying to eat. Bah, teeth suck.
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