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Pairing: Spencer Smith/Frankie Iero
POV: Spencer
Prompt: 1: Moan
Warnings: Zombie sex, gore
Notes: The pic of Frankie inspired this. This has took me awhile to finish for some reason, but it's done now so yay. I did ponder adding an Epilogue thing on the end, but decided not to.
Dedications: The usual: antontobias86, fastbetty31, bloodyhands the_glory_days

I sighed softly into the cold night air. It was 2am and the bar I'd spent most of the night in had closed. It was normally open until five, sometimes six, but recent news stories about attacks at the edge of town had caused the owners to close early. It annoyed me more then anything, as now I didn't have the early sun's rays to help guide me home. Instead, everything was dark except a few street lamps flickering in the night. I walked down one of the town's side alleyways, knowing them all like the back of my hand now. I prefered the cramped space of the alley's to the main streets. I'd walked along one of the main roads once and three times guys stopped to ask my rates. I'd never walked that way since.

I'd seen a lot of things walking along these alleys. I'd seen guys piss against walls. Couples fucking against walls. Guy's puking all over the floor while other drunken guys lay passed out on the floor. Yet, even with all that, I always felt safe walking down them.

As I turned the darkened corner my eyes fell on a guy that was staggering in the shadows a few meters ahead. Most likely he was just some drunk just wandering around aimlessly. I'd seen them enough times, so this one didn't phase me. As I got closer he stepped out into the moonlight and I could make out his features. He was slightly shorter then I was and he his black hair had a fringe that hung down to his nose. His lips were smeared with black, which was a sharp contrast to the paleness of his face. Surrounding his hazel eyes and over his cheeks which was a pale red, though I wasn't sure if it was make-up or if it was something else. His black t-shirt shown off his perfect, tattoo covered arms, as well as his chest through the unusual slash marks across the t-shirt. I never understood why guys seemed to have a thing now for ruining perfectly good clothing with rips and gaping holes. On him though, it worked somehow and I was instantly captivated by him.

If we were at the bar then I'd be all over him.

Now though, all I could do was stand and watch as he swayed in the dark. Images filled my mind of him crossing the distance between us, pushing me back against the wall and planting kisses all over the upper half of my body as he thrust his huge, throbbing cock into me, making us both groan into the night. I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts. He was just some random drunk guy, who I'd never see again, so I was just wasting my time even having them.

After what must have been two minutes at least of staring, I finally got my feet to work again, taking a few steps his way. As if he only realised I was there when I made footfalls, he started to move towards me. His movements were slow and slightly unsteady. Every other step was accompanied by a moan, making me wonder if he'd injured one of his legs. "Are you alright?"

He seemed to speed up slightly at my words, but said nothing. His hazel eyes were glassy and blank, as if there was nothing looking back at me. Mabe he was high or something, I wasn't sure, but I'd never seen anyone with eyes like that before. He had to be really out of it to look like that. "Hello?" He still didn't respond to me, even though he was looking straight at me. It crossed my mind briefly that perhaps he was mute, but I banished those thoughts after a few seconds. If he was then wouldn't someone be with him? The next thought that crossed my mind was that his eyes were glass ones, but I dismissed that too. He was now less then half a meter in front of me and, as my feet decided it would be a good idea to glue themselves to the floor, I hadn't moved at all. His black lips parted, showing his teeth. They were white for the most part, yet some had flecks of red, clearly blood. I absently wondered if he'd gotten into a fight, which would explain his shaky footing as well as his slashed tee. Maybe it was even by whatever or whoever was attacking people at the edges of the town. "Do you need help? I can get you to the hospital..."

He didn't reply, instead he reached out with both tattooed arms, pushing me roughly against the wall. He grinned wordless at me as I grunted in surprise, his eyes still glassy though they were clearly studying me. He held me against the wall pressing his body against me, so close that I could feel his cool breath on my cheeks. He seemed to smirk slightly as I started to struggle but he didn't urge me to stop, in fact, he didn't say anything. What he did do, however, was latch onto the side of my neck, his teeth digging into my skin. Naturally, my first thought was 'holy shit he's a vampire!' until I didn't feel any fangs pierce my skin. Instead he just dug his teeth into my skin, biting hard. Now I thought that he might just be very out of it and this was what got him off, not that I minded, though I could have used the warning. I tipped my head to one side slightly for him to gain better access, something he seemed to appreciate greatly as his biting became more forceful. I knew I was bleeding now, but as I had this beautiful boy close to me I didn't exactly care. That was until he yanked his head back, ripping off some of my skin and flesh with his teeth as he did so causing me to squeal in pain. He grinned at me as he chewed on my flesh, blood oozing from between his black lips. He then covered his lips with mine to silence me, grinding his hips against mine. I tasted myself on his lips as I subconciously trailed my tongue over them, retracting my tongue when I realised what I was doing. No, I couldn't enjoy this, I couldn't give into him, I had to fight him. Acting quickly I kneed him in the groin, but he didn't react in the way I expected. His lips left mine, his face showing no signs of pain at all. Indeed, he was smiling at me. Fucking smiling.

His left hand left the wall to pull my jacket off my body and I helped by shrugging it off my shoulders. If I was going to survive this, then I had to do whatever he wanted. My jacket landed on the dark floor with a soft thud and he seemed to smirk, his hand moving to my t-shirt before literally ripping it from my body, exposing my chest for him. My nipples were peaked, but this was due to the cold rather then arousal. He took a step back, but he easily held me in place with one hand. It became clear that he was considering something as his eyes trailed over my torso, his tongue flitting over his dark lips. What was he thinking?

He bent down, trailing his cold tongue over my skin until it reached my left nipple, then it circled the bud slowly, almost teasingly. Then it stopped and his teeth replaced it, but instead of gentle nipping, they cut right through the sensative bud, tearing it from my body. of course I screamed, just like before, but it didn't do any good. No one had came when I last cried out and it hadn't stopped him. I just watched as he swallowed it and moved to my right, ripping it off in exactly the same way. Only when he swallowed it did he straighten up, a smirk on his black lips. He reached down to his crotch, making it clear exactly what he wanted. Taking a shaky, nervous breath, I reached for my fly, undoing it quickly and pushing my jeans and boxers down to my knees. I turned around for him once my ass was exposed, hoping that this would be over soon. Although he was incredibly hot, he was clearly a twisted psycho and I began silently praying to whatever was out there that I survived this night. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt his cock at my unprepared hole, trying my best to relax. I knew he wouldn't stop to prep me and I was right. As soon as his blunt head found it's target he forced it inside me, thrusting his hips until his cock was buried fully inside me. I yelped loudly in pain, my body unconciously trying to push the intruder out. He didn't seem to care at all, his cock thrusting out of me only to slam back inside my ass a moment later. He growled with every thrust he made into me, holding me against the wall and tearing at the other side of my neck.

Thoughts of exactly what he was left my mind as I concentrated on just blocking out the pain that was in my ass and neck. This seemed like such an undignified way to go, death from blood loss after being fucked against a wall. His lips left my neck after the fifth time his cock slammed into me. He grabbed hold of my head, turning it so I could look at his face, which was now covered in my blood. He was smiling, almost grinning before kissing me roughly, forcing me to taste the blood and remnants of flesh in his mouth as he did so. The strong coppery taste made me want to throw up, but I kept it down, not wanting to aggravated my attack further. I didn't resist his tongue as it swirled around my mouth, forcing me taste myself even more. After a few moments I realised something strange about the kiss that I hadn't noticed before. Normally when you kissed someone you could feel their breath from their nose against your upper lip. With him I felt nothing. I was sure it wasn't my imagination.

His lips parted from mine again, though I wasn't sure why this time as he just stared at me with those dead eyes of his. I screamed loudly into the night, feeling my ass tear around him, more blood leaking from my body. My screams and the blood only suceeded in making his thrusts more violent and fast. "Please... stop..."

He didn't respond, instead choosing to bite into my arm, his teeth ripping through my skin and tearing at my flesh. I watched through half-lidded eyes as he ripped skin and muscle off my arm, his teeth chewing through the bloody mess. I would have screamed, but it seemed even more pointless then it had before. That, and I was slowly losing unconsciousness.

That was when he came, moaning loudly as he filled my hole. He released me, his cock sliding from out my hole with an audible pop. I collapsed down the wall onto the floor, covered in blood. I looked up at him, watching him roughly zip up and stagger away into the night. I was glad he was gone, though I didn't have the strength to get away. At least he hadn't dragged me off to be torn apart, but he could always return and I'd be here waiting.

Maybe I wouldn't be alive when he came back.

I was losing the battle to keep my eyes open. The last thing my living eyes saw was the darkness of the alleyway, the brick walls above me slightly damp with a mix of my sweat and blood. What a terrible last image.
Tags: fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/spencer smith, my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith, zombie series
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