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You amaze us all

So there's gonna be two new singles from The Black Parade, with videos directed by Gerard. This makes up for the last two being Teenagers and I Don't Love You. Out of the remaining tracks, I'm not sure which I want to be done more. I hope one of the is Mama, Sleep or The Sharpest Lives. I hope the one of them's not Disenchanted though.

I like Fightstar's new album. I think it's better then the first (although wtf chick?). Charlie screaming is very sexful. I wish I could go see them. Next tour.

Did I miss a memo where all the latest albums have to mention war, zombies or the sea? It seems every album out this year has a mention of at least one of those (cept Madina's, though that does have River People...).

I watched the first two Sarah Jane episodes today (yes I'm impatient and had to watch the second on CBBC). I still think Luke's adorable. And awww ickle Slitheen is oddly cute. I think it's turned out better then I expected, which is good. I was afraid it might be too dumbed down/childish, but it's not which I like. I wonder when they'll have the figures ready.

I think mum liked it too.
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