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These are the dreams

Every time I try and reorganise my room what happens? Mum either a: moans about something or b: comes in and chucks something in my room. So it's like taking two steps forward and three back on a near daily basis. She keeps making me want to give up. Especially with her constant threats of deither leaving or suicide. Fun.

I can't wait until Friday. It's a three or fourfold thing really. Getting rid of mum for a few days, seeing Madina Lake and meeting bloodyhands.

I'm trying not to think of The Blackout gig, which has absolutely awful timing. Cause it's on Wednesday I'll have no money for it cause it goes in Thursday.

Today's stupid Job Centre, which I hate cause I'm still minus the thing you need to take in. Ah well, they were alright bout it last time I guess. I'm also getting the Fightstar album from Asda, then watching The Sarah Jane Adventures tonight.

I've four fics open:
*Dead!: Frankie Iero/Spencer Smith
*Insomniatic Meat part 2: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Patrick Stump
*Pandora Part 2: Matthew Leone/Sean Smith
*Untitled: Shannon Leto/Jared Leto/Tomo Milicevic

I tried to write last night but had total block so watched Buffy instead.

For anyone that wants to do a fic for me (and gods knows for my birthday of doom I'll need it) these are the guys I'd like to read about:
*30 Seconds To Mars: Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic
*Bring Me The Horizon: Oli Sykes
*Bullet For My Valentine: Jay James, Matt Tuck, Padge
*Enter Shikari: Rou Reynolds
*Fall Out Boy: Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz
*Fightstar: Charlie Simpson, Dan Haigh, Omar Abidi
*Good Charlotte: Billy Martin, Paul Thomas
*Lostprophets: Ian Watkins, Ilan Rubin
*Machine Head: Robb Flynn
*Madina Lake: Dan Torelli, Matthew Leone, Nathan Leone
*My Chemical Romance: Bob Bryar, Ray Toro
*Panic! At the Disco: Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith
*The Academy Is...: William Beckett
*The Blackout: Sean Smith
*The Used: Bert McCracken, Dan Whitesides, Jepha Howard, Quinn Allman
*None-band: Russell Howard

Yeah, it's quite an oidd list and I'll pretty much love any pairing done from them (especially if Bullet or Madina are involved). What I'd like to read is, well, I dunno. Smut would be amazing (the kinkier the better) or something with tortue/death.

I've left out a few people. You can include Waycest or the Madden twins if you like. I've eh about Frankie.

I've included pics for most of them for reference. Admittedly some of the pics are iffy and some I don't even have pics of. I'll try and edit the ones that don't have any in over the day.

Edit: Done doing the pics.

Bert's hair's back to black (forgot to mention that I did).

I want this Though why is my month stuck with iero orgasming?
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